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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Top 11 Most Powerful Lines From M.I’s Fifth Studio Album, “Yxng DxnzL” || @Mi_abaga

When M.I said he knows his place in history, you can’t but wonder “What place? What history?” I’ll help you.
Jude Abaga is a revolutionary figure for Hip-hop in Africa. And he has already aligned with the greats. In 2008, M.I released “Talk About It” which is arguably the most-important piece in Nigeria’s recent hip-hop history. That was the album that changed his game, and solidified his place in history. Question answered?
This why a new M.I Abaga album meant every damn thing to the culture. We needed it, we wanted it, M.I promised we’d get it. “A Study Of Self Worth: Yxng DxnzL” was a bit different from the norm. It was personal, provocative, unequivocal and reflective.
Here is our list of the 11 of the most impactful lines from M.I’s fifth studio album.
(1) “You cannot build each other up? How will you build economy?” – M.I Abaga (Do You Know Who You Are? Ft. Tay Iwar)
M.I was challenging the black community on this track. He wants us to know hating each other isn’t in our biology, and we shouldn’t make ourselves slaves by being against one another. But I thought the Willie Lynch policy, was valid until 2012.
(2) “None of you rappers is real enough, once you blow up now you switching up” – M.I Abaga (You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life)
While we can prove that all what M.I said on his YRSFUYL hit, are wrong, there is actually truth in this line. In Nigeria, you blow as a rapper. But you end up an Afro-fusion singer. I’m not even talking Olamide, what about Ycee? Dremo?

(3) “My flow is too cold, grab a cardigan” – M.I Abaga (YRSFUYL)

M.I is sick. In 2008, on “Safe” the guy was saying “others rappers so cold” but in 2018, even his flows are cold. No, we’re not blaming it on the climate change, it’s just a sign of old age. But the line is actually deep. Haha.
(4) “Why am I expecting more, when half of APC were PDP before” – M.I Abaga (Another Thing, Do Not Be A Groupie)
This is one of the best lines you’ll ever hear from a rapper, if you’re a Nigerian. Straightforward, relatable and concise. No need for puns, just drop the punch, and we’ll know you’re d0pe. Who’s actually expecting more sef?
(5) “You don’t need them, don’t need them, don’t need them, to validate yourself” – Cina Soul (Stop, Never Second Guess Yourself Ft. Cina Soul)
One thing the album also did was inspire people to believe in themselves. Like, never second guessing yourself. Cina has got exceptional vocals, and then she actually said that line. It’s powerful.
(6) “I’ve been lonely alone, I’ve been lonely in crowds” – M.I Abaga (You’re Like Melody featuring Lorrine Chia)
No too much talks, tell this punchline to the next girl you want to chyke.

(7) “Y’all niggas gifted with that photo-shopping” – M.I Abaga (Odunsi, Lady Donli)

Now, that’s a shot right there. M.I is talking about positive vibes, but he is taking a few shots.
(8) “If I’m in Cali, then I’m killing Cali, till typically, even Cali critics will be feeling M.I critically” – M.I Abaga (featuring Odunsi and Lady Donli)
Too much sense in this bar. Critic and Cali, actually makes up critically. That’s some wordplay, right there. M.I murdered the word Cali.
(9) “When you spill your feelings, is your pocket feeling? Does it give you millions?” – M.I Abaga (featuring Odunsi and Lady Donli)
Chai! There is God oh. This table you are shaking only has two legs oh.
(10) “I am the dopest rapper rapping, you can’t tell me nothing” – M.I Abaga (I Believe In Me)
To be a rapper, you need braggadocio (aka sensible arrogance). You must be able to say that you spit better than Kendrick Lamar and 2Pac and Biggie (please, don’t do that).
(11) “Time showed me the problem, time showed me the solution, time showed me to push” – Patrickxxlee (Love Never Fails Ft. Tay Iwar, Patrickxxlee)
You can read that over and over again. Time heals! Who said “Yxng DxnzL” isn’t the bomb?

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