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Friday, 14 October 2016

Turns Out I can't Be Satisfied Till I Get Some Certain Things In Life - BOYWONDER(@Iam_Boy_Wonder)

This week "CELEB LUONGE WITH LYNDA" on seepmuzik blog had ‎a chat with one of the youngsters in Kaduna Entertainment Industry who goes by the name Boy Wonder. Scroll down and read on......

Lynda: ‎Boywonder welcome to Seepmuzik blog's Celeb Lounge  can we get to know you?

BOYWONDER: Am Magaji Boniface popularly called "BOYWONDER", I'm a singer and a rapper With the best music group in KD/arewa that's 108Gang!

LYNDA: Tell us how your musical journey all began?
BOYWONDER: ‎As a kid I've always liked music... & have always wanted to be heard, So I started following some of my niggas to the studio in Barnawa, KD where they record. And A day came I got free beat to jump on a freestyle with my niggas, I spit some good shit, since then I know I was meant for this. That was in 2012.

LYNDA: ‎Amazing... When did you drop your first single and what inspired it?
BOYWONDER: My first official single ‎"I Do" which I featured 108 Beast Kevinword$ was released in 2014 and it was just inspired by the hustle!

LYNDA: ‎So Aside music, what else do you do??
BOYWONDER: ‎I play football... I hope to sign a professional contract soon, I also got political ambitions... After the music & the football. You might just have Senator Boywonder(laughs) I hope you'll vote for me when the time come's.

LYNDA: ‎Haha... We looking forward to that, Your latest single "Satisfied" is a good one, is been making good progress and people love it. So what will you say inspired it?
BOYWONDER: ‎Thank you. You know a lot of people these days reach a certain level & feel it's okay to stay there, The mediocrity is eating deep in our society... I had to pause & ask myself what I'd be satisfied or contented with?  Turns out I can't be satisfied till I get some certain things in life, even then I still won't be satisfied. That's where the idea of the song came from

LYNDA: ‎Wow that's pretty amazing, so what's your take on relationships???
BOYWONDER: ‎As long as it doesn't distort your focus on your Art, goals & the work you put in... It's great thing.

LYNDA: ‎Nice...what do you do during your leisure?
BOYWONDER: ‎Well well... When I'm not writing songs, playing football, street car racing, reading or cooling off with my girl? I guess all time is leisure time for Boywonder,"Work is play" - Boywonder.

LYNDA:  Great... Ladies he is taken.... What has been your most challenging plus greatest moment in the music Industry?
BOYWONDER: ‎I have enormous skill in handling what ever comes at me, won't regard anything as a challenge yet. I've had some really good moments on stage... But since I am Mr. Never satisfied I'm still looking forward to my greatest moment, I'm young & there's a lot of time for that. Hopefully Seepmusik would be there with me & a lot of the great Talents rising from KD croc city. 

LYNDA: Any advice to your fellow entertainers? 
BOYWONDER: ‎The competition in our generation is more than ever before... You gotta work harder than ever to stand a chance to make it out there 💯

LYNDA: Words to fans?
BOYWONDER: ‎Thanks a lot to every one of you... Keep believing in me... I'll always bring it on, And stay tuned, it's gone be a major shake up when I flood the streets with my new singles, "Tashi 'a hanya, I like what I see & bad guys" stay tuned!

LYNDA: #Anticipating Nice having you here