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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Zamu Basu Mamaki Is The Anthem Of The Moment - Joevan(@Iam_Joevan)

This week the new host of "Celeb Glimpse" on SEEPMUZIK.COM Linda Mbateren a.k.a Lynda was on chat with one of Adamawa State Entertainment Industry's finest act and award winner "JOEVAN". He shared with her his journey so far into the music industry and more.

Lynda: who's Joevan?
Joevan: My Names are Joshua Joseph Vandi but am Known better By my stage name # Joevan, I am music Artist, songwriter, Performer, An RNB, Afro sensational singer.

Lynda: So tell us, how did you grow up and what inspired you to go into music?
Joevan: I grew up as a music Lover, Thou I started Music as A choir Member in church when I was about 8...The Smallest That's what they call me in choir then. So after that I Moved to school and there i joined a music Group Called the BLS crew. I started writing songs....they got plenty so I decide to time went on I became The music club president then IB secondary school.

Lynda: So you would say music found you at a tender age?
Joevan: ApparentlyYea sure.....
Lynda: Recently you have rose to a peak in the Adamawa Entertainment Industry, What are your aims, mission and vision?
Joevan: To be up to standard and Bring out Good Music is my aim...

Lynda: Are you saying there's no good music in the industry?
Joevan: I focus on what will change Life, Make people Happy  and impact Good initiative to people. But we Have Talented Artists that Bring out Good music

Lynda: Which of your songs will you say was your turning point?
Joevan: Well...I will say *YourLove* But presently *Zamu_Basu_MamaKi* Is the Anthem Of the Moment, Coz Too Much Love I have seen coz of it In The North.

Lynda: Recently you won the next rated act of the year on online awards, which other awards Have you won?
Joevan: I won The Artiste of the year in Adamawa Entertainment Awards 2015, Best New Act In Adamawa State University  And Lots more...

Lynda: So what are your plans for d nearest future?
Joevan: Hmmmm to reach the Top, and Make it happen

Lynda: Who are those you will say you look up to in the industry and why?
Joevan: I look up to my self cause only Me Can Achieve my My dreams And Goals.

Lynda: So you telling us you don't have any role models in the industry?
Joevan: Yea I have role model, People Like 2Face,TJan. They inspire Me and Defined the meaning Of Music to me

Lynda: What's music to you?
Joevan: To me Music is life, the only way you tell your mind without forcing anyone to hear.

Lynda: Your video "Amen" was amazing, what was the inspiration behind it?
Joevan: I always want to inspire people with my songs and visuals, so I wrote the song to inspire and make people believe in God. My self , My Manager and The Director IBJ, came up with the whole idea....Be ups to IBJIKA

Lynda: How do you feel when people regard you as an upcoming act?
Joevan: Its all good, Every artist started from somewhere.

Lynda: What were the changes you encountered b4 you got to where you are today?
Joevan: If your really want to do music, you have to work on yourself, try promote your Songs the best we you can, and always respect those that are ahead of you.

Lynda: Where do you see yourself 5years from now?
Joevan: I see my self, still been the good Boy that I am, I see my self coming closer to God. I see my self having international collaboration with good artists, I see my self signing those Endorsement Deals.

Lynda: And getting plenty money?
Joevan: hahahahahhhahha, Yea for sure. More money more blessings

Lynda: Any last words? 
Joevan: To my fans I love you all, Without you there is No Joevan... Keep believing in your dreams, say no to violence and don't do drugs!
To add to Everything i have a girlfriend,my love, my queen, my everything who supports me. A big shout out to her.
And to you guys are awesome, I love you guys. Much grace to your elbows, keep doing you!

Twitter: @Iam_Joevan, Facebook: Joevan Joseph Joshua, Instagram: @Iam_Joevan, Whatsapp: 07069660322