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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Close Up With Music Video Director/Producer -VAYNE OCHI(@Vayne_67)

For a while now "close up" which features most of the entertainment killers of our time has been on break but now the break is over. Seepmuzik media‎ Premiers 2016 episode of close up which they feature one of the most outstanding video director/music producer/rapper and dancer  VAYNE OCHI.
Vayne who's a final year student of Chemistry at Adamawa state University Mubi, Yola is definitely a voice to be recogn with so keep it cool and follow our little chat with him about his world of illusion, videos, music, chemistry, family and life.
  • Seepmuzik: Can you tell us who you are?
Vayne: am Divine Ochi,the fourth son in a family of Five. I was born and brought up in Yola but am an indigene of Enugu state.‎

  • Seepmuzik: so what were the challenges you faced when growing up?
Vayne: seriously it\'s not been easy, I had to stay up all night just to make sure that things are going on fine. Even though the family background wasn\'t that Sexy the way it ough to be, we had to pull some strings to make things happen. So there\'s been a lot but if you really want something you have to work really hard ‎for it.

  • Seepmuzik: What will you say are those key factors/measures you took to get here, as in your videos what\'s the secret?
Vayne: ‎seriously I just put my heart, body, soul and spirit in everything I ever wanted to do that's all.

  • Seepmuzik: you are truly a bunch of talents from music production to rapping to dancing to video editing and much more, what inspires you?
Vayne: The truth is I love anything that has to do with entertainment, like whenever am at home I watch a lot ‎ of music channels and programs. You see basically all these things started in 2009 when I was in SS3 because most of my friends were into music so I wanted to be a part of it but after a while I left music for dancing where I got a lot of fans then I switched to music production, but the production market was too competitive so I finally switched and found a new lover which was video editing,video production,directing and. Screenplay.

  • Seepmuzik: What advice will you give to people that wanna go into this form of entertainment? 
Vayne: Actually me been in this game nobody taught me anything, I virtually taught myself cause once it was 12am I will wake up and download video tutorial clips from youtube and learn everything on it before downloading another one. Have been doing this tutorials for like four months, 12am to 5am daily and this is where it has got me.

  • Seepmuzik: So you are practically saying that you never attended any video editing school???
Vayne: Yea absolutely right! And I learnt a lot from music videos cause I gave like thousands of them on my pc and phone.‎ I download Video\'s everyday, learn everyday so am gonna grow everyday!

  • Seepmuzik: ‎ Wow you said you have a lot of videos right? So who will you say are your best directors? 
Vayne:‎ The funny thing is some people admire foreign directors but to me Nigerian directors are dope, there are much of them but my favourites are Unlimited L.a,   clearance Peters, matt max, Mex, Patrick Elis and Adasa Cookey. 

  • Seepmuzik: Let\'s say where do you expect to see yourself in 10years from now? Are you gonna be brainstorming the video scene or back to music production?
Vayne: To say the truth am doing this for passion not the money so am still gonna be here and I hope to be greater than what I am now because am not having all the gadgets but that doesn\'t matter. So to me this is like my final destination. ‎

  • Seepmuzik: Who\'s your competition in the north here??
Vayne: Seriously I see nobody as a competition because i\'m just rehearsing here and when am done with my degree program i will then move to the entertainment competitive market and that\'s Lagos.

  • Seepmuzik: So tells us what\'s the connection between your course of study in the university which is Chemistry and your work lane which is video production, what\'s the connection?
Vayne: Actually no doubt my course of study(chemistry) is one of the best course is the world, I wouldn\'t have chosen another if not it. 

  • Seepmuzik: So who are your role models??
Vayne: ‎ Hmmmmmm my late dad, my lovely and charming mum and my kid bro.

  • Seepmuzik: so any last last words....?
Vayne: thanks so much Seepmuzik Media for interviewing me, thanks to my friends for the support, my manager, my......., shout out to everyone, remember you can do anything as long as you put your heart into it.

You can contact Vayne via:
  • ‎Facebook: Vayne Ochi
  • Twitter: @Vayne_67
  • Whatsapp: +2347068225140
  • Calls: ‎07068225140