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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Obama Says Pope Francis Encourages People To Be Better!!

President Obama took over the airwaves for a brief speech regarding some issues that have been going on in the recent days.

Starting on topic of the recent Gun issues and his thoughts on Gun Control, Obama as always remained fair and gave his thoughts on a few topics including The Popes Visit. Continue to find out what great words he had for the Pope.

One of the first things President Obama said about The Pope was that he has a great sense of humor. It's hard to believe someone we all take so serious can even crack a laugh. Obama stated how he kind of enjoys the fact that everyone is rather intimidated and on their toes when the Pope is around. "He makes you consciously aware", meaning when he is around you start to think to yourself about how good you have been and what good have you been bringing to this world recently.

Obama then on went to speak on not only The Pope but people in general who just genuinely make you want to be a better person. In a world full of so much chaos and Power we have to reflect and think about what we can do to help each other. The pope made sure to ask certain officials and leaders in the government "what can you do to better the world, and what have you done to try?" Deep meaningful questions that I think we all need to ask ourselves. Although The President admits The Pope made everyone in The White House sweat, he enjoyed the sense of positivity and relief of his presence.