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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

[Muzik]: Deroh - Malaika || @SHELTERS_ENT @iamDEROH @Seepmuzik_Blog

Deroh is a sure force to reckon with in this recent music game, he started his music career in ilorin where he earned himself the name illy's finest but has finally moved to lagos now with his management team SHELTERS ENTERTAINMENT
to further his music career, as he has disclosed that he has alot more project still in the pipeline even with big names in the industry but would rather prefer to keep that news for later; which is the major reason why he said he initially wanted to tittle the song "initiation" but the management avoided that for some reason not disclosed to the media, the management rather call it a welcome song into the music religion and he has paid his price so just download, enjoy and share with others, preach the arrival of the new #malaika!