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Thursday, 8 October 2015

CAN supports Senate President Bukola Saraki!!

Nigeria's Senate President Bukola Saraki, who is under trial at the Code of Conduct
Tribunal, has not had a lot of public show of support since his travails began first with his election as the Senate President then followed by his ongoing trial with the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

Owing to his ongoing trial, there have been several calls for him to resign his leadership of the Senate.
However,the Christian Association of Nigeria are saying that Senate President Bukola Saraki should not be forced to step down until he's proven guilty.

The National Secretary of CAN, Rev. Musa Asake, said Nigerians were fully aware that Saraki was corrupt before electing him into the Senate, hence, it was only right to give him the benefit of doubt before calling for his resignation.

He asked, "Is he (Saraki) the first person to be in that category? Have they asked anyone of them (others) to step aside?

"I don't want to delve into politics but it is getting out of hand. We have had such cases over and over. Asking him to step aside for now is as if he has been found guilty. Our law says that he is innocent until proven guilty.

"I am a religious leader; I don't want to mingle in politics. But let us not also overdo the whole thing. He has been in the Senate and whatever he has done, the Senate did it (together) with him.

"If he is corrupt, we have known him to be corrupt before we elected him into the Senate. Why now? To me, let them continue to do their work. When he is found guilty, let the law take its course."