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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

My Music Kind Of Thing All Started Way Back In School - Waxj(@Waxj1) || Via @Seepmuzik_Blog

Seepmuzik: Tell us about yourself.
Waxj- Well, my names are. James haruna. Aka wax.j. I'm a hip,pop. Rnb. Regge. Artiste. Base in kaduna.
Seepmuzik:: How did you start out in music?
Waxj- My music kind of a thing all started during my secondary school days ,where i do compose songs even when i'm in class i don't concentrate,all i was about is me getting it right and deciphering the tunes,lyrics and that was it.

Seepmuzik:: ​How has it been with XmL so far?
Waxj: Well,i'll say i have been keeping it real with em ever since i came back. Planning something way bigger.
Seepmuzik: Why did you leave 5fingers music?
Waxj: hmmm, many people keep asking me this...... well i left 5fingers because i was signed to the label for a deal which was my 7tracks mixtape(s.f) and after my record deal with them was done I'm back to my label xml and i never left 5fingers muzik with any beef or miss understanding.
Seepmuzik: You are yet to hit the limelight with your songs, does this put you under some sort of pressure from the label, family or fans?
Waxj: hmmm i'll say no cause everything has it own time. And I believe when they say GOD's time is the best,so i rather wait patiently for my time than forcing my way through things.
Seepmuzik: What are you working on right now?
Waxj: well I don't wana say it out but you should expect something waay bigger than i ever did.
Seepmuzik: ​Three years from now, where do you see yourself?
Waxj: don't shout. It out but I see my self in new york ,dubai
Seepmuzik: Are you in a relationship? And do you have a crush on someone in the industry ?
Waxj: nop i ain't in a relationship.
Seepmuzik: How often do you attend shows?
Waxj: I can't really say or mention all but i often go to many shows.
Seepmuzik: Have you ever been nominated in any award? If you have,many have you won?
Waxj: nah, I have never been nominated but I promise it will happen next year by GOD grace.
Seepmuzik: What's you take on the entertainment industry in Northern Nigeria?
Waxj: Is really becoming a well renown stand now and soon the north will take over!
Seepmuzik : Which are your top 4 songs at the moment?
Waxj: hmmmm am feeling Boss by Ice Prince,Deep water by Dr Dre ft Kendrick Lamar,German Juice by Cynthia Morgan and That 2hours freestyle by Vector tha Viper cause he really killed it!
Seepmuzik: When you aren't making music what are you up to?
Waxj: Playing football cause that was my first love.
Seepmuzik: Who's your role model?
Waxj: ice prince zamani.
Seepmuzik: What can we expect from you? Musically?
Waxj: Good music,dope delivery and more of the xml version of me.
Seepmuzik: Let's hit you with quick ones. I'll ask and you answer with a sentence at most.
Seepmuzik: Pop or Rap?
Waxj: Rap
Seepmuzik- Eva or Diija?
Waxj: Eva
Seepmuzik: London or Dubai?
Waxj: London
Seepmuzik: Ferrari or Lambo?
Waxj: Lambo
Seepmuzik: What is the one thing you can't forget to carry?
Waxj: My phone
Seepmuzik- Anything you would like to say to your fans, supporters and admirers? (Social media handles etc.)
Waxj: yea,I I'll say a very big thanks to those keeping it real with me,to seepmuzik GOD bless you and to all my fans remain blessed!