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Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Game Thinks He May Face Jail Time?

The Game made headlines when he got into a fight with an off duty cop during a pick up game in Los Angeles. He has since been charged with making terroristic threats and he thinks he might end up facing some jail time.

Damn. Thoughts definitely become things and thats a fact. Someone should tell The Game to think more positively and not automatically convict himself already. The Game seems like he is simply accepting that he might actually go to jail over the felony charge that he is facing.

That officer probably felt embarrassed about getting punched in the face in front of so many people which is why the suit was filed against The Game. In an interview with Sway, The Game says, "Probably like three years, it's a little more serious…We're gonna go in there with a good team of lawyers and we're gonna go in there with a good team of lawyers and we're gonna do what we can," but he does not sound too optimistic at all.

This definitely has to be a stressful time for The Game as he has been gearing up for his next album release, The Documentary 2. According to The Game, although he did get into a fight with the officer, he is not being hit with any assault charges but he will face felony terroristic threats for saying, "I'm going to kill you." More bad news for The Game, the entire incident was captured on video and I imagine that officials have already taken that as evidence against him.

Even with all the bad news, though, The Game should definitely stay optimistic about the outcome because you never know what could happen. Diddy was facing similar charges and those were dropped so perhaps his outcome in court will not be too bad.

Source: IFWT