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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Nicki Minaj Visits Philadelphia Children’s Hospital!

Thursday (August 6th) Nicki Minaj took a break from her Pink Print Tour to visit the Philadelphia Children's Hospital. Nicki's trip to the hospital was courtesy of a non-profit organization funded by Ryan Seacrest.

The organization's focus is to inspire the children of today through entertainment and education. Nicki truly enjoyed her visit saying she was inspired afterwards.

Nicki Minaj posted a few cute photos documenting her visit to the Philadelphia Children's Hospital with Ryan Seacrest Studios. Rocking a cute pink dress, and slicked back pony tail, the rapper smiled with the kids, looking like she was truly enjoying herself.

In an IG caption she wrote to her fans, "If you need something to do in your spare time, try this. I left feeling so inspired by these incredibly strong, beautiful, dynamic children. Pray for them, you guys. They would've melted your heart."

Ryan Seacret thanked, Nicki in a tweet, saying, "that was amazing what u did w the kids at @RyanFoundation..thank u nic. Love the pics"

It's always good to see artists and celebrities take time out to do something special for the fans.