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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

DJ Drama’s Studio Engineer Speaks Out About Leaked Reference Tracks??

The Meek Mill versus Drake saga has played out to be quite an interesting one, and with OVO Fest continuing tonight, I think one can safely assume it's far from over. Let's take a step back to see how we got here, though.

Meek Mill came out of nowhere nearly two weeks ago now on July 21, blasting Drake on Twitter and claiming that he doesn't write his own rhymes – particularly his verse on Meek's Dreams Worth More Than Money cut, "R.I.C.O.". In his rant of sorts, he named a guy by the name of Quentin Miller.

At the time, no one had really heard of him, save for a few people hip to the underground music scene in his hometown of Atlanta, and perhaps hardcore Drake fans who may have seen his name in the credits for a few songs on If You're Reading This, It's Too Late.
The next day, Funk Flex managed to get his hands on Quentin's version of "10 Bands," and released it online, confirming Meek's claims even more. Quentin's version proved that he wrote the hook for the song (which is fine, as he is credited for it,) but also at least one verse as well.
The next day, Flex promised on air that he'd gotten his hands on at least 3 more reference tracks and would be playing them, but they never materialized that week.
Seeing as though more records could see the light of day at some point, Quentin decided to speak out with an open letter, denying his involvement. He remained firm in his stance that he's only ever collaborated with Drake.
After quite the wait, Meek finally came with his long-awaited response. Premiered with Flex, the world finally heard "Wanna Know" – as well as 3 more reference tracks: "R.I.C.O.", "Used To" and "Know Yourself." This would make for four reference tracks now. Many began speculating how Flex was getting his hands on these records, and assumed that it was Meek and DJ Drama giving it to him. How did Drama get named? The back story goes that he was allegedly supposed to host Drake's If You're Reading This, It's Too Late when it was just going to be a mixtape, but he was dropped when Drake instead decided to release it as an album. As the rumors floated, Drama later tweeted:
None of these n*ggas is ya friends. I put my intergrity on the line. And for what? smh. The Philly curse.
That seemed to confirm his involvement, but we have confirmed that's not the case. We spoke with DJ Drama's engineer at Means Street Studios, who revealed that though Quentin records at their studio with his group WDNG CRSHRS, he did not record any solo material there (aka the reference tracks.) Drama and OVO were never in talks to do a mixtape, and he never had access to any of the tracks.
This leaves only a few people, Quentin Miller being one of them. Do you think he would leak his own reference tracks?