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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Snoop Dogg calls Bruce Jenner a ‘Science Project’!

While many people are busy hailing Bruce Jenner and calling him a hero for living his 'true self, rapper Snoop Dogg ain't got time for that. He's part of a few who feel – but won't publicly say – that they think Bruce has a mental disorder. The rapper took to instagram today to slam mainstream media who are way more interested in Bruce's story and glorifying it and ignoring inspiring stories like what Akon did recently. He launched a Solar academy (an institution that will train electrical engineers) that will supply electricity to millions of people in Africa and no mainstream media has carried it.

What annoys me about Bruce Jenner is how he's making a public spectacle of himself/herself. What's the docuseries for? Why can't he live his truth quietly?