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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Read Kiss Daniel writes emotional letter to his late Dad!!

The Woju crooner shared a photo of his late died and wrote an emotional tribute.

 40 days... Happy birthday daddy. It's bin 40 days since i lost my best friend. Let me mourn daddy, av bin strong 4 too long ,let me cry... I wasn't dere 4 u wen u needed me the most, I confess dad and I'm sorry ... I fell in love with my job and cheated on my Family, it's not worth it daddy, now i know... I never shuda listened to u wen u said '... It's just typhoid ,
I'm fine'...U left before I cld buy u dat Car i promised for ur birthday which is today, dats not fair dad* u r d reason I cld make such promise... U my number 1 fan.. U called me 12am d day after I dropped Woju to tell me it's a hit,dat day was the beginning of it, at least ,come back 4 d car, pls
 .... D last day I saw u was d saddest day of my life, cuz u were in so much pain, I cld feel it dad... I cld feel it even tho u were trying too hard to be strong in my presence... I let my self be fooled by ur actions daddy, dats not responsible. av bin avoiding anything dat cld remind me of u ,but it's not working, I av to do this, I av to let the world know u such an amazing being. Ur last words to me , "u a star among stars" u a dad among dads too n Ur boy is doing fine .Folu is back on his feet after d accident and hez running the house now, tolu is just too wonderful a daughter, shez d manager of ur empire. Timmy and tummy r in good hands too with grandma.

I hope Jesus got u a giant cake for ur birthday daddy? .. I love u so much , Happy birthday.
Stupid Son, oluwatobiloba