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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Rae Sremmund Rapper Splits Open Leg At Governors Ball!

Uh Oh! Some artist have been having a little too much fun at the Governors Ball! Rae Sremmund rapper broke his leg!

Rain and the Governors Ball doesn't mix. You know what else doesn't mix? A skate board. Slim Jimmy of Rae Sremmund was one of the special guest today in NYC and he made quite a big scene. Slim was rapping his latest jams and thought it would be a good idea to jump in the mist of the of the crowd.

Yikes! Slim slumped back on the stage with a broken leg. The crowd screenshot pics and in no time social media was flooded with pictures of this occurrence. Shockingly, Slim had the strength to go on for a few more seconds and utter a few words. The trapper had to inform the crowd of what just happened. Swae Lee finished the performance and confirmed that Slim's leg was indeed broken.
Swae stated:
"This s*** is pretty crazy.This n**** leg like split open,I'm serious."
Really hope Slim is going to be okay. Praying fore a fast recovery. Rae Sremmund is needed in this Hip Hop industry.