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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Neyo Slams Rumors?

Neyo is fighting back against a new story posted online stating that he is gay. According to the rumor Caitlyn Jenner who has had the attention of the media and LGBT communities around the world, inspired the singer to come out of the closet and finally be free. Neyo took to his Twitter account to address the rumors.

Neyo hopped on Twitter and let it be known he is NOT a gay man but was able to do it in a manner that was respectful and hurt no feelings. He even showed some love to Caitlyn Jenner.
In one of his posts he wrote,

"U should all know by now not to believe everything you read. Much luv to #CaitlynJenner but I'm not on that team. Not gay folks. So sorry."

He followed up saying, "No disrespect to the gay community or to #CaitlynJenner by the way. Live your life and be proud. I'm just not gay. We're still on this? #sad."

Well there we have it folks, from the man himself, not gay. Neyo has been dating model Crystal Renay for over a year now and the two were recently spotted vacationing in Hawaii.