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Thursday, 4 June 2015

[Mix]: Purepraises Mixtape @pure_praises @wealthdj via @seepmuzik_blog

PurePraises Mixtape is just a piece of the good things coming from God, the mixtape aim in giving people sense of bellonging, giving them reason to stand up on their feet putting on their dancing shoes, singing hyms, and songs of praise appreciate God for life and provision, purepraises aim in taken gospel music into a different dimension entirely, i was taking to somebody, asking him why do u hardly listen to gospel songs,
his responds was becuase i hardly get them available, people are busy downloading and playing secular mixtape in their cars while driving, some of them hardly get gospel mixtape available, Luke 1, 37 for with nothing shall be impossible purepraisesblog while embarking on a journey of taken gospel entertainment into a different dimension decided to get dj wealth on the mixed to deliever God message through inspirational praises by God ministers including!
click here to download purepraise mix!!!