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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Histeria - I encountered many but I am very thankful to God that everyone of them has been a lesson! | @REAL_HISTERIA

Mega star artist "histeria" well known as Joshua ifeanyichukwu,
sees music as a career to serve
humanity and his type of music called
Urban music not restricted to a
particular genre. The WAYA song in
this top chat with another called BABA GOD.
said his fans should expect better works
and more visibility from the stables of
Histeria aka Mr #WAYA.
Ques-FOR how long have you been in music?
Ans- Officially 5 years as HIS'TERIA; on the long run since
the age of 9but music has been
part of me ever since I was a kid, even
back to my primary school days . So it
has been a long way to come at and I
really thank God. As you can see , here
we are.

Ques- How old are you?
Ans- ( Laughs) honestly I am old enough and
young enough to do music .
Ques- Judging you facially, you look so
young . How would you have started five
years ago professionally?
Ans- The name Histeria came 2011 and that
was the period i decided to take music as
a profession not just a talent
Of course, Michael Jackson started
right since he was five, doing music
professionally. So, I don't see it as
something impossible for me to have
started music at the early stage of my
life . Music is just part of me . It is what
I have always wanted to do as a
passion . I will just say it is pretty much
cool .
Ques- OK but be for then,did you ever believe you
were going to be a musical artiste?
Ans- Of course! I had it since 9. I knew my
education was not going to be in music but
at the end of the day Music was it for me.
I saw it as a passion and a
hobby . I didn' t know I was going to do
music professionally until recently ,
during my secondary school days .
I started seeing music as my life
purpose . I see it as an opportunity to
serve humanity.
Ques- Cool speaking of primary life. When people regard you as an
upcoming act , do you see yourself in
that direction as well ?
Ans- I just had a thing for music, i knew
i was going to do music. When people
started paying attention, i just went
with the flow. But for me I will
say people are entitled to whatever title
they choose to give artistes , but it
depends on the artiste; 'how you see
yourself .' I see myself as a musician , I
see myself as a mega super star and
that is all that matters. I will advise
artistes not to go along with that
upcoming title because you might just
remain upcoming forever . So you had
better see yourself as a musician and a
servant to humanity.
Ques- So in this case, Will you say music
is a fulfilment to you at this stage you are?
Ans- It is, because i feel put together doing what i love.
its called PURPOSE. I am very proud to be a musician ,
especially to be one. As I said , I see
music as a purpose , and whenever
people feel the vibes; whenever they
sing along with me doing my thing;
whenever people claim the blessing
embedded in my song , it is joy and I
sense fulfilment along.
Ques- So you do soul music and R & B basically gospel.
So what transpired when you got your songs to the
streets clubs and international standard
Ans- i wont trade what i do for anything in the world.
i grew up in a very urban area, with street guys. I had a
very versatile music background. So doing music that
would cut across came natural to me. Any product i
have are always from my heart. Lots of studying the
market cause this is also a business. i do not do soul
music. i am an urban artist.Rnb was my background.
Ques- OK for your viewers What were the challenges
you encountered before getting to where you are right
Ans- I encountered many but I am very
thankful to God that everyone of them
has been a lesson that is even helping
me now , especially on a bigger
platform . It made me more mature. I
see all those challenges as a blessing . I
don' t see it as a barrier or limitation, it
is an opportunity to prepare you going
further and doing exploits. the need to
get more eyes on my art, being self funded
at that time was not easy, walking here and
there for shows, you need some source of
resource to water what ever your doing.
So Money, finding the right ear to listen to what i do have.
Ques- SoWhat have you learnt back then that
has helped your career in this bigger
platform you are ?
Ans- Patience. I lost my elder brother who was my producer, his name, Xtremme. Before now things went fast, smooth. When he left, lots of new expectations, i started seeing the real disappointments, at that time i learnt patience and being very confident in who i wanted learning that humility is not looking down on your gifts so someone cam man over you. I read alot about the business and the music. I understood the act and art of music. Above all these i and God had a good talking relationship so i listen to him more before i consider even my monument or other external staff i have got. I now realize that as an artist your hard work pays and most times we often think someone did us a favour to get us the big stuffs but alot of times the hard work we put in makes the cut and we should learn to appreciate ourselves first before we start seeking support from outside.
Ques- You started with a hit song titled #omotonjaye,
and back then people regarded
you as the ultimate lover boy because
you did a hit circular what do you have to say about that ?
Ans- Nothing at all. I appreciate the love.
#NoShade at all. Its love and love is good.
like if u listened to one of my outstanding
single titled #BABA GOD.with one of
kaduna's finest singer (joy adejor) the
message at the end of the day. Whether
it preaches love and peace , music is
expression and the message in your
expression is all that matters.
Ques: But When people call you ultimate lover
boy, it left many with no choice than to
admit he is in love . So who are you in
love with ?
Ans- Hahaha! I mean love for each and every human alive.
I feel everyone deserves to be loved. But She is great shaaaa.
{lafss} My back bone. My wife and angel. SHE GOOD! HAHAHA
Ques- Ok back to your family What was your parent
( s ) reaction to music at first?
Ans- Supportive. They though it was just a thing but
later on they saw i meant buisness. they supported as
long as my educationcame first. which i would advice
every artist to please get a good education
because it will set you apart.
Ques- Apparently , we' ve not seen much of
your videos for your singles …?¿
Ans- i do not have a "music video" yet.
But i do have an official live video of my
pervious single: Omo ton jaiye which i did
at an award show where i was nominated.
Ques- So is that your first award ?
Ans- My 6th nomination in a role. No awards yet.
Ques- What has been your greatest
achievement so far in music ?
Ans- Hmmm! i would say performaning for samsong
and solomon lange at the Xperience and i would say each
time i hear how my music impacts one persons life or the
other i feel so happy that something i created can change lives.
Ques- How will you rate the Nigerian music industry
compared to their foreign counterpart?
Ans- The industry in Nigeria is growing day by day, per second.
The fast craving for Afro Pop by outsiders is amazing, am glad
people are paying more attention especially the foreign markets..
In Nigeria, we now have BET holders and so i am proud of the
growth because alot of past musicians have worked towards what
we are enjoying now.
Ques- Are you working on your album now?
Ans- No. Not yet. For now you all will be enjoying singles from me
especially my new song WAYA. I am
definitely going to do that , but for now ,
one has to make appropriate
establishment before such could be
Ques- What should we expect from you
anytime from now ?
Ans- ( Laughs) A lot of people have been
asking me that . But it is pretty much
cool when you let people know what
should be expected of you. I will just
tell you what I have been telling
everyone; just expect better works and
visibility from the stables of histeria aka Mr waya.
But actually am working on a press party for my new
single WAYA and also my concert by october.
i have a good team so we working.
Ques- Who would you appreciate to have
leveraged you to this stage you are ?
Ans- Hmmm. First God, he basically put me together and gave me this gift that is really amazing and am gladits working. My family who i really do love. My late brother and producer Xtremme who really sort after my greatness, he had sleepless nights because of me. Also amazing Adams P OAP of RayPower he is really great, Made In krock city as a body and finally and most important, my supporters. I call them my ROYAL SUPPORTERS because they are as special as i am, they are celebrities in there own field and even though not on "that spotlight" they are great people and i love them.
in their own fileds*
Ques- So what will be your advice to other people struggling to be at the spot light ??
Ans- Music is a buisness learn about or at least educate yourself about it. Do be carried away by the spotlight thats only a small portion of the music.
Stay true to what you believe and always pray.