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Sunday, 21 June 2015

D’Angelo Praises Kendrick Lamar For His Conscious Awareness!

In this day and age, not a lot of rappers address social issues. A few gems stand out among the hefty inspirational crowd of hip hop artist. Kendrick Lamar has been coined a crafty lyricist and even legends like D'Angelo can agree. D'Angelo praised Kendrick for his conscious awareness.

The release of "Good kid Mad City" and "To Pimp A Butterfly" really grasped all audiences attention. Here was a lyricist, poet and friend that could actually relate to people. Kendrick doesn't lie about things he doesn't own. Kendrick doesn't lie about situations he was never in either. Kendrick is an inspirational lyricist that actually creates flows and melodies to touch souls and heal hearts.

I guess great minds really do think a like. Legendary artist D'Angelo praised Kendrick for his activism and even encourages other artist to make music that promotes social change. D'Angelo is freaking talented and amazing. Period. D'Angelo was spotted with the Black Panthers co- founder to visit places that were important to the party. The legend released "Black Messiah" and the game has not even been the same since.Seriously. D'Angelo stated that these are actually the times in history that artist should really address social issues. Of course, some artist can never just turn a new leaf.

Rappers are icons and role models if you like it or not. Rappers have the power to influence minds and lives. Use your heart for good use, it's needed in this day and age. Salute to Kendrick for always keeping it one hundred.