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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

August Alsina Explains His Rare Eye Disease!

A LOT has been going on with August Alsina lately. August was in a full fledged coma a couple months ago and survived. Thank God. Now, August is facing new trials and Battles. This handsome R&B singer took his time with a 92.1 rep to discuss his rare eye disease.

It saddening to see genuine spirits go through trials but that is just life. August showed complete humility by showing his journey in a hospital bed and displaying complete vulnerability. We are all glad that August pulled through and continues to make great hits. Unfortunately, a couple a weeks ago, August was seen underneath lasers in surgery.

People knew their must have been something wrong with his eye but could not pin point it. Today, the media revealed what the exact type of eye disease August has. August has a rare disease called "keratoconus", this disease causes your eyes to be really blurry.
This is an unfortunate illness but we see August Alsina's strength through it. The R&B singer implied that you just got to go through the punches.

It is very admiring to see real artist go through real issues. Anything that is done on a high platform can inspire and change lives. Salute to August Alsina! We Love You! Stay Strong!