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Thursday, 4 June 2015

3zzy - I'm No Longer A Part Of Raynation | @iam_3zzy

Much like his mentor award winning Nigerian rapper
"Ice Prince". 3zzy is a hip hop rap artiste, who dishes
his rap lines in a very unique and outstanding way. On
this interview segment he take us on a journey in and
around his own world of music.
This has further increased his popularity among fans,
with his consistency and deep lyrics.
Most people believe his rap sound very similar to that of
ice prince, another artiste, I ran into the very talented rapper
and bugged him for an interview, and he agreed.
Read excerpts below: –

Ques–  We know you as 3zzy,what are your real names?
Ans: Ok! My names are samson nda adams bako
Q – Briefly Tell us about your childhood background ?
Ans- My childhood is something I can never forget because of
the people i met and things that happened, i was given birth to in
ungwan rimi kaduna, but grew up all my life in barnawa kaduna, it
was fun for me, though it was hard me and wasn't easy coming
from a hood where you aint accepted and you like try to fit in but
its not just working, but as right now, I can boldly stand and say it
anywhere that it was a stepping stone for me cos I never gave up
"every disappointment is a blessing" "if it hasn't been like that,
it would have been worst" #BelieveInYourSelf
Q – How and when did you discover your music talent?
Ans: Lol! Funny... I was in love with WESTLIFE then, was listening
to one of their songs and I picked interest in it, before I knew it,
I'm already down writing songs... Though by then i was doing LOL
"blues" that's 2007 before I discovered by true self in 2010
Q - What was your main break into the music industry?
Ans: My break into the industry fully was when i dropped "Touch ur
Toes" which I featured e.m.s
Q – Who and what inspired you to music?
Ans: ICE-PRINCE ZAMANI and his song RAIN DROP inspired me
Q – What is your source of inspiration?
Ans- ICE-PRINCE ZAMANI and his song RAIN DROP inspired me
Q - Now tell us what's happening about you and raynation?
Ans: Currently not a part of Raynation, i walked away cos of some
issues we had and my deal with them was completed...
That's all #No_Beef
Q - Why haven't you drop "Ubanku"?
Ans: My leave from raynation affected my ubanku's project,
but very soon, ill be dropping it
Q – What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
Ans: Hmmmm! Been giving birth to and knowing my true talent..
(Being an artiste)
Q – What are your hobbies?
Ans: Listening to other musics, Chatting and going for shows
Q – Are you in relationship?
Ans: Hmmmm ah want to.
Q – What are Your future plans?
Ans: Where my fans wants me to be
Q – Final Note
Ans: Wallah............