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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Kendrick Lamar Stunts On Ebony Magazine!

Kendrick Lamar graced Taylor Swift's song with his extreme lyrical talent! Now Kendrick stunts on the cover of Ebony Magazine ! King Kunta is on a roll!

Kendrick is one of those new aged millennials that completely took over the Hip Hop genre. Recently, Kendrick dropped his critically acclaimed "to Pimp A Butterfly", which many Hip Hop lovers and lovers of all genre's will say that this album is one of the best of all time ! The king is not only brilliantly talented but is extremely handsome !

If you have not seen it, Kendrick's face is posted on the front cover of Ebony Magazine! His elegant brown complexion compliments the cover so well and displays pride and integrity. This publication celebrates black millennial music and Kendrick makes the perfect fit. Seriously! Kendrick dropped so many albums and hits that not only influenced people but allowed people
to turn up to positive vibes!

The music industry is pretty tight and we need to thank hero's like Cole and Kendrick that keep Hip Hop grounded. The magazine will be on shelves at all stores that distribute magazines. Will you be buying this edition? It's Kendrick Lamar! What are your opinions? It's Kendrick's year!