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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Brody Jenner Finally Addresses His Father’s Gender!!

Brody Jenner has remained silent during his father's transition into becoming a woman, but he finally felt the time was right to speak out. In an in-depth interview with Extra's Renee Bargh, Brody revealed his feelings towards Bruce Jenner's goal of becoming a woman, his relationship with Kanye and Kim, their past issues, how he feels about missing their wedding and much, much more.

Brody explained in his interview:
"It's been a journey for all of us, but we're very supportive and I love him to death, and it's great to see how happy he is now. …[I think he's a bigger hero now], one-hundred percent, absolutely; I think it's going to change a lot of lives, and hopefully save a lot of lives. … [As for Kim and Kanye], to be honest, I never really hang out with them. I love Kim to death, but I never see them, they're very busy, as am I. We don't really hang out that much. I didn't go to
their wedding. I heard it was great. I wish I would have gone, it just didn't work out … I had some work stuff I had to do."

At least it's no bad blood between KimYe and Brody and we're also happy he supports his father during this difficult time.