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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Beyonce Goes On A Mission Trip To Haiti!

Beyonce is doing some truly amazing things apart from making hit records! Beyonce just went on a mission trip to Haiti!
Beyonce is occupied with slaying the latest stylish trends and sending out hit records but the queen bee still makes time to help the less fortunate. The queen of all things slayed humbled herself and made a positive journey to Haiti! Beyonce joined the United Nations to give goods to the less fortunate.

The organization that Bey created is called BeyGood. The talented super star not only gave goods but supported Haiti civilians with UN Doctors. Haiti is still recovering from its most recent earthquake in 2010. This earthquake killed so many people and destroyed homes. Many people even lost their jobs. The United Nations been helping frequently with the recreation of building homes in Haiti!

It is nice to see Beyonce help the silenced. this action reveals her humility and passion for foreign civilians in times of need. Lots of artist have the money and time but would never be caught dead doing something positive. Kudos to Beyonce for creating her own movement and organization.More people like Beyonce need to be in this music industry. Salute to the Queen Bee!