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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Skales Reveals How Much He Earns From Baseline Records

Skales who has been in a running beef talk with Wizkid that has taken over the industry opened up on how much he got from his new deal with Baseline Records in a recent interview with Netng


A few months after you left E.M.E, you signed another deal with Baseline Records. What did they offer you that you didn't have at E.M.E?

Apart from being an artiste, I also see myself as a businessman; any investment that is going to take my business to the next level is welcome.

For me, I had just set up my own label OHK, and my whole mind-set was just all about the next level. Along the line, I met Baseline and the offer they gave me was really good. It was next level for me and I decided to flow with it. I run OHK Records with some partners that I can't really mention now.

Talking about the Baseline offer, how many years deal did you sign with them? Reports also claim the offer was worth N200 million. Is this true?

(Smiles) I really don't like to disclose details about my contract in public. When it's done, you'll surely hear about it. Then about the figures; I think it should add up to that figure if you add up the whole budget.
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