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Monday, 16 March 2015

[Interview]: I Make Music Because It's Part Of Me - CSBITZ{@Emini_Danbaba}

Seepmuzik's "Sonny young" recently had a chat with one of Northside's baddest producer/rapper "CSBITZ",read below as he took us round his world of music.

Seepmuzik: Can we know you sir?
CsBitz: I am Wisdom "CSBitz" Danbaba. Am a producer, a singer, a rapper, a writer, a sound engineer, and a manager for both events and artists.

Seepmuzik: How did you get into the industry and how long have you been in the industry for?
CsBitz: Well as for me i'd say it was prayer, hard work and grace from God almighty you know.

Seepmuzik: Did you ever imagined yourself like this when growing up?
CsBitz: lol. Yes o, as a matter of fact I had loads of imaginations in my head some times when somethings happen or when am in a certain place I feel like it has happened before, like i've seen such scenario before, sought of like de' javou... and trust me the feeling is great cuz am not even done yet!

Seepmuzik: So Tell us,how did you dive into music production?
CsBitz: wow! Well it all started like 2010 when I felt there was a need to make my own beats for my songs you know, I admired the way producers do the things they do and I fell in love with the way the beat was constructed you know, I had to seize the opportunity and coming around to getting signed as an artist first in 64bitz studio made my production more productive. Thank God for Mr. Shaddy Justin and Metro, they've been a blessing to my life you know I had boost in my career after I came into 64bitz and here we are now. It's been a blessing and thank God it's worth it.

Seepmuzik: How do you combine music and production? What are the challenges?
CsBitz: It's really not easy considering the fact that they both are very powerful factors and needs a lot of time and attention. Well its been difficult but I had to get use to the whole thing after wards cuz it became part of me, but before then I had to struggle to fix or fit into one part or the other cuz there are times I feel devastated cuz I wasn't doing well in singing and other times same is applied to my production as well. But thank God for every thing now it came to a point like every thing is a part of me now.

Seepmuzik: Due to the fact that you do not shy away from experimenting with different genres, you have been described as krockcity's baddest hip hop producer. Which genre do you enjoy working on/with the most?
CsBitz: lol! To be frank with you am a serious afro beat producer and fan. I love afro beats o! Whether afro hip hop, RnB, dance hall or what ever it is I just love afro artists and beats mehn.

Seepmuzik: One of the songs you produced 'Alhaji by illzeek' was massive,what will you say is the magic behind it?
CsBitz: wow! You know, any thing you do and don't put God 1st is nothing. God was and is still the secret behind that song and what ever I've done. Prayer, hard work and the grace of the almighty was the magic!

Seepmuzik: Many people don't know Stanz Visuals(the dude that shot videos for Skales,Banky w and Niyola)is a member of the "Trail Music Gang",tell us bout the team and your aims?
CsBitz: Chineke! Sunny biko that is for the nearest future o. Lol. And the reason is because we don't want to let plenty cats out of the bag cuz One thing TMG is known for is "do more and talk less." I know people wanna know but trust me the time is near and we've not even started any thing yet. Trust me a lot is on the way! You will see a lot mysterious and unbelievable things when the time comes.

Seepmuzik: The last Show TmG hosted a show twas dope and massive,what do you have to say bout it and when should we be expecting another show?
CsBitz: yeah! Well, for now there is nothing on ground yet cuz we been tryna run some official documents for the label if you know what I mean, it's part of making TMG a very big brand than what it appears to be, so there is been a lot of paper works going on right now but we good at surprises. We want to keep surprising every body. And we'll make a very bigger one when the time comes!

Seepmuzik: Do you know when a track is going to be bigger than the previous one?-If yes, how do you know?
CsBitz: Yea I do. Well as a producer and artist i've learned so many things with experience. Now there are certain criterias I personally use to judge a song that would give the artist a follow up hit from his previous hit but the number one thing is if he has the grace like wise the producer. Not all producers can make back to back hit beats and not all artists can make a back to back hit song as well, if I should explain more I believe we won't move on but I would rather advice all artists to do their home work and marry a producer they can trust and understand very well cuz seriously the industry is full of fluke hits with no back up hit song to follow up

Seepmuzik: Do you write all your songs by yourself?
CsBitz: Yes sir! I do.

Seepmuzik: Which of your songs would you say brought you into limelight?
CsBitz: lol! It's that "PROMISE LAND" song you know

Seepmuzik: Why do you make music?
CsBitz: I make music because it's part of me. A bee produces honey because he has excess of it inside! Music is in me like an inbuilt chip.

Seepmuzik: Whats your source of inspiration?
CsBitz: Honestly God is my source of inspiration!

Seepmuzik: If you were not into music and production, what will you be doing?
CsBitz: I would have been a nurse. And I still have that dream

Seepmuzik: What do you look for in a woman?
CsBitz: Wow! An imperfect perfect woman that's very out spoken. And also, I respect women that speak their mind and tell you who they really are or what hurts them cuz it creates a very good understanding and bond.

Seepmuzik: What do you do during your leisure time?
CsBitz: Hang out with friends or go to church!

Seepmuzik: What is the current state of your relationship with Metro nome and Sicktunz?
CsBitz: hahaha! Omo Metro and sicktunz have always been good brothers from the beginning till date. I really love them mehn. They always Wana help in what ever way they can. As a matter of fact so many people never knew sicktunz collapsed a day b4 TMG showtime. Bcuz he was there for us, driving us and doing his best. I will never forget this guys mehn. Never!

Seepmuzik: Who is your female celebrity crush?
CsBitz: lol. Well I ain't got any but if am forced to pick i'll just go with D'ja or mo'cheda that's lagos o. But if in KD mehn I don't see any.

Seepmuzik: What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?
CsBitz: wow! There is this time I was chilling with my girl friend who is presently an ex sha. And I just received a slap from no were and then it appeared to be police men who wanted to harass us but we came out of it all mehn. Thank God say na night sef, if not e for bad but I had to rake and prove that am a man to the chick sha but we came out of it with no problem at all.

Seepmuzik: lmao! You get mind sha, so What are the top 3 songs on your playlist right now?
CsBitz: right now i've got LORD OF MERCY, by Rampoozhiel of TMG ft KD finest artists CSB, METRO, KAYYSWAGG, and ZEEK of TMG and then Ogini by a new act out of 64bitz and BBL music called rich tunz. U guys are gona hear him out pretty soon. Then I got dreamzy with shake it.

Seepmuzik: What collaborations do you look forward to?
CsBitz: None for now sha but would work out something real big when the time comes.

Seepmuzik: How can your fans keep in touch?
CsBitz: twitter @emini_danbaba IG @emini_danbaba FB E MI Ni danbaba and ma manager number for business only +44 7951 497336

Seepmuzik: Any advice,vote of thanks or shoutouts?
CsBitz: Yea! My advice goes out to ambitious people like me. Please work hard, pray hard and pray harder! And God will make you stand out, you have no power to make yourself blow o! Shun pride, be very humble, honest and meek in what ever you do! And then my vote of thanks goes out to God all mighty who gave me the previledge to come this far. TMG management, rampoozhiel, zeek, King j and stanz visuals, 64bitz studio, Mr. Shaddy and Metro justin, SEEPMUZIK MEDIA, MADE IN KROCK CITY. Mr. Jeffrey Adiko of K.S.M.C(SIR JAY),CHIMCHERRY HOTELS, ICE CITY MUSIC and every other person that has been beside me through out this hustling times. Thanks and God bless you more abundantly! #Bless
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