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Monday, 16 February 2015

[Lyrics]: Word7 by Teddy Bagg | @teddybagg

INTRO>> Yoo x-ray turn up da green lights on Teddybagg zoon am about to go in. Double MMG bby(MEGATUNEZ MUSIC GANG) yah already know
Verse 1>>>And iam T.E.DD.Y.2da.B. My flows so official
like a referee,shutting the Game down
no SP Am like an acid they can't test me.
My flows are acidic yours is basic Killing every tunes you gone need a medic flows so sick you gone need to heal it.
Things the boy do dey be them like MAGIC..

Verse2>> Am so
shape like the edge of an arrow Dropping more
shit, more then your anus now they know Teddybagg
"ni ba yaro" steal your spot call me "barawo" Am already dope I don't need a WEED. Balling hard i don't
need a filed this is my sport megatunes my
team. Sealing high like the birds am free....... friends
turn haters mad that i made it bounce to the game and i brought some changes. They look on everyblogz is my
faces Have paid my dues anti owing no "bashi" came
Form the back door am on to da next. As DJ_khaled he
knows we da best, as pherowshuz he knows am
Korrect.Like play, like play we don dey internet If you
anti talking money please disconnect I working with my
head menh forget the legs........ Am making my INCOME i
don't mean sex......... Shout to my haters
my biggest fans..
CHORUS >> MY niqqaz!! ma niqqaz!! Ward7(4x)
Verse3>>>Megatunez the army Teddybagg da sojar
gat more fires more them "Arshanna" Heart full of
chest we nave surrender Beef is like "tuwo" bring am
come make we "tuka" i believe in GOD I always say my
prayers 2 holy Mary and 3 our fathers. Step on my
Territory i run you like a tiger,shutout to my fans all of them,them loyal. Claude 7 am on my leave so
dangerous moses book of 7 My niqqaz!! ma niqqaz!!
ward7 we so full of actions double 007 Teddybagg Abagga slime
cute niqqa!! i do it for city KD town niqqa!! Put
my name down and the names of my niqqa!!
talk about me it's greatness niqqa!! T.I
my niqqa!! M.I my niqqa!! My niqqa!! Your niqqa!! Your
niqqa!! My niqqa!! If you ruling your dreams you are my niqqa!! If you quieting your dreams you anti my nigga!!!
HOOkz>> I do this for all the niqqaz!! That is all around the world, see you gatt me like i gatt you together we make this work, ahaaya onananana ahaaya aaa ah...
CHORUS >> MY niqqaz ma niqqaz Ward7(4x)
OUT TRO>> Henzy my niqqa! Penny ma niqqa!! Jess P my niqqa!! Angel D ma niqqa!! B12 my niqqa!! Xray ma niqqa!! Speakel my niqqa!! Reborn ma niqqa!! Raynation my niqqaz!! Abk ma niqqa!! Icecity my niqqaz!! Crokcity ma niqqaz!! 2love my niqqa!! P-son ma niqqa!! Kayswagga my niqqa!! Jika ma niqqa!! Kea Adams my niqqa!! Kevin tita ma niqqa!!
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