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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Interview: My Childhood Was Not Rosy - PRINCE JAY

Interviewing the MC that murdered the "ENTER10MENT XTRA SHOW" Prince Jay is something i have been looking forward to. I didn't know what to expect from my interview with him. It was my first interview with a comedian and naturally, I was excited. Would he just be straight faced, or would he infuse jokes into his replies? He ended up being a mix of the two. Like when he needed to be serious and funny when he wanted to be. I definitely had a good laugh with him.

Seepmuzik: Can we meet you sir?
Prince Jay: My name is Elisha.j.Elisha Erich,my stage name is jay and am a stand up comedian,am also a student of Adamawa state university studying business administration,an indigene of plateau state...the only state way God create put for fridge because of the

Seepmuzik: (laughter) So how did you venture into comedy?
Prince Jay: comedy for me started way back in my early life,and i actually started from the church so stage fright was never my problem but i never took it serious until i got into secondary school,were i joined the literary club,and i started mounting the stage regularly,but professionally i started comedy business in 2008 and am still in it till date..
Seepmuzik: Amazing,Aside comedy want do you do?
Prince Jay: wow,aside comedy what do i do,hmmmm i do a little bit of rap,and ehm i also sing,but i do all this for fun but comedy is just my field
Seepmuzik: like how do you handle your audience especially at dope events?
Prince Jay: That's a though one,well i don't handle my fan's but i make sure we have a cordial relationship,when i attend event's i would make sure i take snap_shot's,autograph's and all sort some times i even go to the extreme by giving them my phone number or my pin so we can hook up real good,but there are some times i have issue's with the female fan's....#winks_
Seepmuzik: Hmmmmm About your female fans how do you handle them?
Prince Jay: (laughter) Some of dem dey craze sometimes,how person go call you say make you come kiss her? You just have to keep that distance you know cause ah respect my woman a lot.
Seepmuzik: Tell us about your relationship? What's your own take on relationships?
Prince Jay: Love,love,love is a good thing when you are in it with the right person,and am in a relationship right now and my woman is very supportive of my carrier,and i want to use this medium to advice and also to give my take on relationship,well for me is just about the right person and also understanding your partner's primary love language in doing that you would enjoy your relationship...
Seepmuzik: Cool,You do crack a lot of jokes about your growing up years. What kind of childhood did you have? Was it rosy or was it that hard?
Prince Jay: hmmm my childhood was not rosy becasue i was a kind of kid that was up and doing and almost all my life is just fun that is why I crack a lot of jokes about my childhood,my family,my school and all sort,cracking jokes about my childhood gives me joy and also remind's me of my roots....
Seepmuzik: Who are your influences ?
Prince Jay: wow you know comedy is diverse and that is how diverse my influences are,but first i will start with my mentor which is Basketmouth,Parrot,Akin,Seyi law,Helen paul,Akpororo,Gordon's, and you know some people go vex because i no mention their names but that does not mean they are not important na because space no go reach i for write all their names...
Seepmuzik: Recently you were endorsed as the youth ambassador by Light House Ministry,how has it been since then?
Prince Jay: God has really been so faithfull,because you know is the pride of every artiste to be recognised not only that but to also enjoy some priviledges and also sitting on top,this has opened door's for me and life has never been the same,and we are still working hard for more blessing's.
Seepmuzik: In those early years, what was the first big break you had and how much did you make from that job?
Prince Jay: I will never forget that day,because it just felt i was in heaven,that was when i performed before our then 2nd lady of Nigeria mrs Titi Abubakar Atiku the wife of the vice president Atiku Abubakar,after my performance i had a chat with her,then we took a snap shot that was my first break in comedy and it was just awesome
Seepmuzik: Some comedians have been criticized for repeating their jokes too often. Do you repeat jokes?
Prince Jay: sure most of our Nigerian comedian's repeat their jokes and am not an exception because some times i also do that,because i read my crowd before performing,getting new material's is never easy so we feel that when we repeat our joke's it save's us the stress of getting to seat down and create new joke's,so basically that is why some comedian's repeat their jokes.
Seepmuzik: Looking back at the period you started off as a comedian when the comedy industry wasn't this big, what kept you going in the midst of many challenges?
Prince Jay: well for most of the comedian's will tell you determination kept them going,but for me it was God that kept me strong because there were times when i felt like quiting but he was all there for me,and also focus because most of the young comedian's we started with have all gone cold and am still standing so you see,it was not me all the way but it was God.
Seepmuzik: If you are been given an opportunity to hangout with a comedy guru who will it be and why?
Prince Jay: Definately it would be Basketmouth,why?..because i would love to ask him some question's and also get some tip's on how to stay ever green in this comedy industry,so i think he is my choice...
Seepmuzik: Your last comedy concert was attended by over 700people what do you have to say about that?
Prince Jay: Earlier I said something about a cordiall relationship with my fan's and I had that population because they loved the brand #prince jay,so they came out in mass to support me,and that is also a sign that we have a growing fan base.It was the happiest day in my life because is never easy for you to organise that sort of a show and people will turn out in that number,but I really want to say a big thank you to all my fan's who made out time to come out and support me I love you all.
Seepmuzik: Some of your jokes are always to the ladies,why?
Prince Jay: Hahahah well ladies,they are easy to talk about and for me I alway's find a fault in them either in their dressing,makeup,behaviour,speech and so on,because na only for naija you go see our girl's day laminate ATM card haba for what now....
Seepmuzik: Seems you love fashion,tell us what's your take on it and your favorite brand ?
Prince Jay: well fashion for me is just all about looking good,fashion is just something I really love doing...I will say you are paid by the way you favourite!do i really have a brand enything that is good i wear,but am so in love with suit's...
Seepmuzik: What should your fans expect from you?
Prince Jay: 2015 is just a year of #BillionaireAmbitions and also unique project's,well my fan's should expect more comedy skits,more show's,more entertainment,and more gift's from jay to them because my fan's have been my backbone ever since I started off my comedy carrier,because this year I really want to start giving them some token out of my heart well i want to start with a Valentine treat for a lucky fan,so all of you should be on your guard.
Seepmuzik: With all that you've passed through, would you say you have achieved success?
Prince Jay: certainly yes i have archieved success in what i do,and that is comedy because my dream was to be on big stage's and make just one person smile of laugh and today am not only making one person laugh but am counting in thousand's and soon it will be in million's,so yes I have really archieved success in what I do....
Seepmuzik: We know you have a foundation,please tell us more about it?
Prince Jay: Sure i have a foundation,saso foundation by name which stand's for Save A Soul Outreach what we do basically is reaching out to the less priviledge kid's in the orphanages,schools,prison's,hospitals,streets,and all sort,our main focus are the kid's because most of them don't even have a mean's of survival and this burden has been on my heart and now I have an opportunity of doing it,so I feel is my responsibility.
Seepmuzik: what do you have to say about the scarcity of female comedians in the industry?
Prince Jay: Female comedian's,wow they are really scarce because all through my comedy journey I have never met one,and this is because they feel comedy is strickly for the guy's,ladies feel the job is too crazy for a woman to do,but I don't see it dat way because there is a saying"what a man can do,a woman can do better"...ok they should prove it,because I can go on stage and take off my trouser's and do my joke's with only my boxer's,I want to see a female comedian that will go on stage and take off her skirt and go with only panties_
Seepmuzik: A word of advice for your fans?
Prince Jay: to my fan's I want to tell them first that I really love them,and I will advice them to alway's believe in themselves because you can do it,if jay can make it then you also what it takes to come out a star,and just know this there is a space for you out there just keep your head straight...
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