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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Wow!!! Henzee Gets Signed For $16,000 ???

Just the day before yesterday the ceo of MEGATUNEZ MEDIA Prince Henzee Jarto mostly called 'HENZEE' made it public that he will be signing two(2) new acts to the label,unknown to him A-UNITS RECORD based in Holland were planning to resign him.

Surprisenly the ceo of A-UNITS ''Blackdutch Monreo'' resigns Henzee today with a mouth watering sum of 16000 dollars,official release of his album and to his to shoot six(6) musical videos for a start.

Wow is what you will say right? but Henzee who has performed alongside a-list artistes like M.I,Tuface,Ikechukwu and others says this calls for more dedication,less fun and lots of tour.

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