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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Pastor Enoch Adeboye Predicts What’s Gonna Happen in 2015

Just as the world has mixed feelings of the
new year with prospects and that of the
groans of heavy yoke of insurgency with no
permanent relief nearby, the General
Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church
of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejare
Adeboye, has made new predictions.

The revered man of God, in his prophecies
listed under four categories of Individuals,
International, RCCG and Nigeria, has also
predicted that the dreaded Ebola Virus
Disease, which has killed over 7,000 people
so far, will finally die.

The former lecturer made these predictions
at the crossover service held at the
Redemption Camp, Kilometre 46, Lagos –
Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State, to usher in
year 2015. Revealing the New Year
predictions at about 1:15 a. m. before a
mammoth crowd that gathered at the Arena
Ground of the camp, the septuagenarian
cleric, whose predictions hardly go unfulfilled,
said God said the world should pray against
"massive calamities, massive earthquakes
and strong hurricanes and typhoons."

For Nigeria, unsurprisingly, the man of God
was not forthcoming in reeling out the mind
of God in details, as, according to him, 2015
being an election year, he has to be miser
with what God has told him about Nigeria.
"Unfortunately, because it is election
year, I can't tell you all that God told
me about Nigeria. But I will tell you
this: "By the end of the year, many
will say 'all is well that ends well.'"

The holiness preacher, who was clad in blue
short-sleeve suit, however, did not go further
to explain what God meant by "all is well that
ends well," keeping the entire congregation
in suspense as he gave no other prediction
concerning the country hinging it on the
sensitivity of the election year.
On what members of RCCG should expect in
the New Year, the cleric, fondly called Daddy
G.O. by all and sundry, told the gathering
that the prophecies would be relayed to them
through their pastors.

On prophecies about individuals, the seer
said for members of the church, who obeyed
the instruction to fast for 100 in 2014, they
should expect great harvest of blessings from
He said God told him that 2015 will be a year
of dreams fulfillment, miraculous completion
of projects, miraculous restorations and a
year that will replete with testimonies such
that "those who have none before will have
some this year."

The crossover service began with a Holy
Communion service which was the last for
year 2014 and thereafter a service of songs
in which the GO's wife, Folu and her
ensemble as well as the Mass Choir of the
mission thrilled the congregation with theme
hymns composed by Pastor Adeboye for
previous annual programmes of the church.

For those who fasted for 100 days last
1. The Lord says the harvest for the 100 days
fast will be given this year.
2. Daddy says this year will be full of
testimonies, those who have non before will
have this year.
3. Daddy says some of you will swim in the
river of abundance this year.
4. Daddy says there will be miraculous
completion of projects.
5. Daddy says there will be fulfillment of
6. Daddy says there will be miraculous
7. Daddy says the song of many will be – The
Lord has been good to me.
1. Scientific and medical breakthrough will be

many, particularly in the areas of lack of
sleep, dreams and brain disorder.
2. Daddy says Ebola will die out.
3. Daddy says all over the world insurgencies
will be considerately weakened.
4. He asked us to pray against massive
5. He asked us to pray against massive
earthquakes, strong hurricane and typhoons.

1. This year all you need is to charge off your
batteries by fasting for 40 days only.
Those of you who want to fast continuously
20 days and 20 nights will cover the 40 days.
If you miss one day, you have to cover it with
two days.
By the end of the year – you will say all is well
that ends well.
The fasting begins January 2nd 2015.
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