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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

[Interview]: MAP JB - Amma Pure Heroine Very Sociable & Would Never Back Down For Nothing |@MAPJB _39075

Seepmuzik- Can we meet you?
Map jb- Uhmmm kk..my name is Mary Peters known as MAPJB..amma rapper..singer..songwriter..makeup artiste

Seepmuzik- Tell us a little about growing up,the challenges and others.
Map jb- Growing up as d only girl in ma family wiv 6 brothers..was..i'll say fun?..cuz m grateful..for everything + overcoming ol challenges dah in da past I faced..ol thanks to God almighty

Seepmuzik- So how did you get started? Asin singing and rapping?
Map jb- Uhmmm..i'll say I grew up loving music... Cos as ma brothers would always b playin music in da house...as @ b4 I was only singing n writing songs...buh..ah dunno..da rapping shii jus caught up to mi..cux I loved listening to hip hop music n one of ma elder bro was one of ma inspirations too.. becuz he was also a rapper way b4 I even knew ah could start rappin..

Seepmuzik- Cool....... How would you describe yourself?
Map jb- I'll describe myself in one word "fearless"...amma pure heroine..very sociable...n would never back down for nothing..*laughs

Seepmuzik- Dope i love that word 'heroine'. Do you still recall how you felt that fateful day you dropped your first single?
Map jb- Ya ya..sure..i remember ah was way not myself dah day..cuz ah was scared n @ da sme tym..very happy..scared of d outcome..mayb d public won't like or enjoy ma kind of music ..n happy cuz I knew ma team I.C.M had ma back n was encouraging mi not to worry about anything ...n surprisingly daht day turned out to b a gr8 day..cuz everything was jus happening so fast..m thankful n ah appreciate everybody dah supported da " E PAIN U" movement

Seepmuzik- Tell us a little about making "E Pain You", how did everything come together?
Map jb- Hmmm...'e pain u..i'll say..jus happened...cuz d day I wrote d song..I was practically very happy...doing na house chores..when ah started humming d tone of da song...den ah rushed inside ma room..looked for ma music book n a pen n started writing..people be asking y I wrote d song d way it is..i
juz say inspiration...cuz I wasn't beefing anybody when I was writting...soo ya..E pain you...juz happened..

Seepmuzik- A lot of music is all about relationships, do you draw from personal experience when you're writing?
Map jb- Ya...I do draw from my personal experience when writing music buh not always..cuz some of ma songs jus happens...without stress I compose songs..hooks..verses very easily

Seepmuzik- So Who are the main players when you're in the studio working on new material?
Map jb- +So I wouldn't say it's mostly bout my relationships buh ya kinda..cuz ah tend to write wiv what's happening around me..

Seepmuzik- Would you call yourself a singer before a rapper?
Map jb- Ya...I can..like ah said I started singing b4 goin into rap...most people sef still think I only sing...n when dy hear ah rap also..they'll b like "what"!!!..like ciruzly??..ah don't look like a rapper nahh..do i??..so ya....whether amma singer or rapper...it's ol good. .as long as am good @ what am doing..

Seepmuzik- Do you feel like it's important to work with other female rappers?
Map jb- Uhh..ya I think it'll b a gr8 idea and sure ya..it is important ..to knw where you stand(i.e u wouldn't want somebody telling u..so so person raps better dan u do..so ya it's helps too)..buh I've never worked wiv another female mc...only male rappers...buh ah knw definitely I will in da future..

Seepmuzik- What's the hardest part about navigating the industry?
Map jb- Aww..it ol boils down to the "fear of failure" for example ah started out singing ..buh it turns out people enjoy me rap dan when ah sing.. Dats practically why I made d transition from being a singer to a rapper ..buh if in da end it doesn't work out(God forbid)I tend to lose ma expertise and starting from da ground again won't b easy..buh @ da end of the day..its ol God's doing ..yap

Seepmuzik- Aside writing songs and rapping, you are also into modelling.
Map jb- Modelling??..nah I wouldn't say that...buh it's somewhat true..because I love takin pictures...*laughs* well mostly of ma face....cause ah dnt hv the body of a model..errybbodi knows dah =D ya ya am chubby n not tall ..buh if I were to go into modelling..i'll b a face model...:]Y am pretty yap..no lie

Seepmuzik- You were signed to icecity music,so how will you describe them and their music?
Map jb- Ice City music..we're like family.more dan jus being a label...we've always been there for each oda supporting our various kind of music..basically Reborn is a afro pop artiste..Gclaim is both a hiphop n dance hall artiste..jenny is our very own Whitney houston ..Skimmy is one of da dopest rapper I've heard ..here in kd..n there's me MAPJB..lol..hmm n as far as kd is concerned ..i'll say we're practically da best n trending team/label..who doesn't enjoy our kinda music??.. ICM..is on top..;) yes they knw this

Seepmuzik- Do you feel any form of competition in this state?
Map jb- Competition??..when we are ol trying to promote ourselves.??..nahh..ah dnt think I need daht..m steady focused on ma grind..aint gat time to compare shii..wiv anoda female mc..ain't no Bitch on ma level..:D jus sayin..when ah knw I've made it big..den I'll worry bou dah..not jus in kd..

Seepmuzik- What's your opinion about love?
Map jb- Love is God..love is everything...love is unconditional..my love for music has brought mi dis far n it's gon tke mi more further...love is awesome..i love ma fanz:) ...=D

Seepmuzik- Who are those artistes you will like to work with in the future?
Map jb- Uhmmmmm ..dem plenty o..buh lemme jus say eva..cynthia Morgan..vector..yung6ix..iceprince..jessyjaggz..MI..necto c..burnaboy..etc and alot more..if God permits ..d aim is too mke good music...

Seepmuzik- So what are your plans for the year 2015?
Map jb- 2015 is gon b d year..ICM is gon b d dopest team dis year..don't believe mi jus watch...expect hit singles from ICM in general..dope shii coming ur way..big plans dis year oo!!..actions speak louder dan words..dnt need to tell ya..u'll c..;)

Seepmuzik- A word of advice to your fans?
Map jb- Advise to ma fans would b..dnt let anything stop from doing wah u want..keep on trying still u mke it...keep ur dreams alive

Seepmuzik-how can your fans keep in touch?
Map jb: To ma fans out there..ya'll can ff mi on twitter @MAPJB _39075 or ig @maryadiepeters..bbm pin 2BBD0C67 to keep in touch.

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