Joy Williams, a 24-year old British-Nigerian lady has died after something went wrong during a surgery to enlarge her butt. - SEEPMUZiK BLOG


Monday, 10 November 2014

Joy Williams, a 24-year old British-Nigerian lady has died after something went wrong during a surgery to enlarge her butt.

The unfortunate incident was said to have happened after a failed £2,000 butt enlargement surgery in Bangkok, Thailand. Mail Online made it known that  Anietie, who is Joy’s older brother, living in Nigeria, revealed that the family didn’t even know she’d traveled to Thailand.“We don’t really know what went wrong, we only know what is in reports in the media.” Anietie said.Aniete however made it known that preparations are in top gear to bring her remains home. The young lady, according to UK Telegraph, relocated to the UK from Nigeria in 2007 and to live with her mother in Thamesmead. She however died on October 23rd after visiting a clinic called SP Clinic in Thailand which she got to know about through the internet.

She visited SP clinic on October 14 with the hopes of having a fuller, bigger and enhanced bottom. An operation in which her wounds became infected after few days. This made her to go back for a corrective surgery, or probably removing the silicon implants.But unfortunately,  she was found dead on the operating table with a three inch-long stitched incision on her tail bone after medical staff found they were unable to resuscitate her. However, Thai officials investigating her death believe her operation had been delayed to ensure Miss Williams had not eaten anything beforehand and that as a result, the operation began after the clinic’s legal closing time of 7pm.It is believed Miss Williams had long struggled with her self-esteem and been bullied at school before choosing to undergo an operation on her nose to improve her looks. She was said to have stayed at the £11-a-night Vabua Asotel hotel which is used by the clinic as accommodation for its patients.Dr. Sompob Sansiri is lead away by police after Miss Williams died at his clinic.

51-year-old Sompob Sansiri, who’s the doctor who carried out the surgery, has been arrested and accused of negligence due to his acts of carrying out operations at nights without license. He has been charged with recklessness causing death and could face 10 years jail term if found guilty.Furthermore, the clinic has been closed for 60 days now as investigations are still ongoing. Thailand is a world-leader in cosmetic surgery tourism with many companies offering procedures at discounts of up to 60 per cent. The industry earned the country £2.68billion in 2013 alone.

One of the deceased’s friend who spoke with UK Telegraph said she had suffered bullying and low self esteem issues while they were in school and that she was never happy with herself.“She was a really, really nice girl. She was very friendly and caring. She was always helping her mum with her brothers. She was a very bright girl and did well at school. She was a bit shy and quiet and I knew in later years there was something wrong and upsetting her.

At school she had been bullied over her appearance and she went for surgery on her nose and face. Last time I saw her it was obvious she had had cosmetic surgery. She was fine before, she didn’t need to. She was fine the way she was but she just wasn’t happy. She had no self esteem and I guess she felt she needed to do it. She was just never happy with herself.”Police are now waiting for the postmortem result which would determine if the doctor will be charged for medical negligence.