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Thursday, 27 November 2014

[Interview]: On Spot With Hydra (@HydraAneme)

Seepmuzik: Hydra pls can u tell us about your yourself?.

Hydra: My name is Hydra Aneme, am a rapper and a singer, and one of the pioneers of Northern urban music

Seepmuzik: How was growing up like?.

Hydra: Growing up was fun, cos my parents always allowed us play with our mates. And then I was really a church Boi, so I can say I grew up with the fear of God. I also liked playing football wen I was little

Seepmuzik: Can you tell us how you got the name HYDRA? .

Hydra: I got the name Hydra from my mum, when I was in jss3 she was talking bout something related to the name I asked her the meaning which she told me and I liked it so I decided to adopt the name

Seepmuzik: what will you say is the inspiration behind all your songs?

Hydra: The inspiration behind my songs I will say it's my environment and personal experiences, I will not forget exposure too it plays one of the major roles too

Seepmuzik: Which of your songs should you say brought you to lime light?

Hydra: The song brought me to lime light is MY TIME. It's a cover of Da grin's pon pon.

Seepmuzik: Tell us about your educational background?

Hydra: I attended Apostolic nursery and primary school kurmin mashi, Chepherm nursery and primary school, Model international school and finally graduated from Yisheng schools ungwan Sunday. I have a diploma in mass communication from the University of jos, and a B.s.c in mass communication from Caritas University Enugu. Am currently serving in Akwa Ibom state with the ministry of Environment and Mineral resources

Seepmuzik: What was the first song you recorded and tell us about it?

Hydra: Lol the first song I recorded was with slim face titled ONE CHANCE featuring Lil Shegs now known as Virusdetected/Shex. And men it was one of the best moments of my life cos den I always saw Da Saints in the studio and wished it was me. In a nut shell it was crazy

Seepmuzik: Which act do you find appealing to work with, and who are you itching to collaborate with?.

Hydra: I wanna work with Timaya, Olamide, Skales and am itching to work with Ice Prince and Lil Wayne

Seepmuzik: Any future projects? Album, Tours, Anything?

Hydra: Yeah my team YAYANEH is working on massive promotion of my new single S'OPE so watch out for it. And by next week I will be on location for a movie in Enugu. And definitely some shows in December around Naija.


1) Ur favourite song off ur Album?

Hydra: My favorite song from my album for now is S'OPE

2) Best rapper ever?

Hydra: My best rapper ever is B.I.G Biggie

3) Best song at the moment?

Hydra: MI's MONKEY

4) Best movie you saw?

Hydra: I have a couple of movies I love, like "Being Mrs Johnson" and "3Idiots". But my best movie this year is "30 days in Atlanta ". Ay is just too hilarious

5) Snapbacks ,blings or Shades?

Hydra: Blings original Blings oh!!!!!

6) Favourite City?

Hydra: Favorite city Will be the Nevada, Las Vegas

Seepmuzik: What advise do u have for upcoming performers?

Hydra: Finally I wanna give a big shout out to my manager Belluci, my label mates MC Bahws, Slimfaze and Sound Mike. Also to King Henzee and Kevin Tita my Day ones, even to you guys at seepmuzik blog I appreciate thanks and God bless yall.