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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Worse Things That Could Happen If Super Eagles Fail To Qualify

«Coach Stephen Keshi disclosed that countries are after his services and so could be ready for the worse things that may likely happen if he failed to qualify Nigeria for the Nations Cup; in that, he would become the second coach after Hassan Shehata.

«Nigeria play Sudan on Wednesday in an all-important qualification match for next year’s Nations Cup in Morocco,The Super Eagles who are defending champions face a do or die task to win or lose out completely in the tournament next year

«Coach Stephen Keshi has come under heavy criticisms as the country has only managed to pick up one point from three games so far and is sitting at the bottom with behind South Africa, Congo and Sudan who stand better chances of making to Morocco

«Many have called that the 52 year-old be sacked whilst the football house has ensured patience in its actions with the coach

«Should Nigeria lose or draw against Sudan, who beat them on Saturday in Khartoum, 3 things or even much more could happen to the coach and they will not be funny as Nigerians would be most unpleasant and dissatisfied

«If Nigeria loses, Stephen Keshi could likely without any doubt be fired without further considerations as he surely will have exhausted the patience of football fans and administrators in the country

«A draw would mean that Keshi likely will miss the Nations cup as it would put Nigeria in a very awkward position; 2 points from 4 games and 2 points behind Sudan who might pick up a win along their other two games

«Keshi disclosed on Tuesday that of he was fired, that he would get a job elsewhere as there are country’s waiting to employ him. However, a loss or failure to reach the Nations Cup would rubbish his resume and coaching profile. He would become the second coach after Hassan Shehata, Egypts’s Nations Cup treble winning coach who failed to qualify as champions to the next tournament. His profile would drop and those countries seeking his signature now may just pull out as South Africa did before appointing Ephraim 'Shakes' Mashaba.

«Stephen Keshi himself knows what the fate might likely become if they fail to win the game on Wednesday and the other two.

«Speking to pressmen, he said: “It’s not about the game, it’s about other personal stuff. So, if tomorrow they say Keshi leave, there is no shaking because there are two or three countries waiting for me.

“My job is about hire and fire.“I have coached in other places before and I was not fired. If it comes down to Nigeria, I have been here before, qualified Nigeria for 2002 World Cup with Amodu Shaibu and we were asked to leave.”