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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Facts about Dj jimmy jatt

Cool DJ Jimmy Jatt a.k.a Jimmy Amu is a year older today October 15.

«The Ijebu-Ode native remains Nigeria's most celebrated Disc Jokey having an incredible career which spans 25 years. He is the country's first ever DJ to release an album and the only one to release two of them - "The Definition" & "The Industry".

Jatt's collaboration with Tuface Idibia, Mode 9 and Elajoe - Stylee - back in 2007 stands one of Africa's biggest hip hop songs.

«Besides all these, there are other five hidden facts you definitely didn't know about one of the 'coolest, realest and talented' stars in Nigeria. Let's dig in:

«Bet you never knew Jatt is a marriage counsellor! He's been married to one wife for so long that he believes he has a responsibilty to educated young people on why and how they need to get married and make it work. "No one needs to force you into marrying, Do it when you think you are ready for it," he once told Pulse.ng

«Did you know he's a father of two lovely daughters? Jimmy adores his kids - Oyindamola and Onyiola, "two of the best things that ever happened to me," he said.

«Any idea when he first started spinning the disk? Well, according to Jimmy he was only 16 when he began his dream - even though he thought he would be a lawyer - and his dream has taken him thus far. He aslo joked once that he would have maybe prefred to be a genius when he was 9!

«About his First Kiss, Jimmy says he locked lips with a girl at the age of 15! Surprised? He says thats the norm, "most guys did that at that age... don't think I'm a bad guy."

«What else didn't you know about Jimmy Jatt? Oh yes! Dude has close to 40 medicated glasses and he carries atleast two in his car every time he steps out. He didn't have eye problems as a kid but developed it in the 90s. We gotta admit, we love Jimmy in his eye contacts!

As for his favourite food, its jollof rice and plaintain and he loves his bed and the colour red. Did we mention Tuface Idibia and Michael Jackson are his favourite artistes in the world and he met one of his industry icons Tim Westwood in Lagos back in April? Well, we just did! Happy Birthday DJ Jimmy Jatt and we at Pulse.ng and our fans wish you the very best life could possibly offer. God bless you sir!!!