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Friday, 10 October 2014

Ebola Death Toll Rises Above 4000

»The World Health Organization has said that 4033 people have now been confirmed to have died of Ebola in the current outbreak.

»The WHO has now put the death toll for the Ebola outbreak in West Africa at over 4000  (Filed)

The Ebola outbreak claimed 4,033 lives as of Wednesday, October 8, the World Health Organization said today, October 10.

»The organization also said today, October 10,  that the disease has been “entrenched” in West Africa and it is “accelerating” as it has taken hold in the capital cities of all the affected countries.

»A total of 8,399 infections have also been confirmed with 8,376 of those coming from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, who are the worst hit by the outbreak.

»Fears of an international spread of Ebola have also been escalated after a Spanish nurse, Teresa Romero took ill and a Liberian, Thomas Duncan died of the disease in the US.