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Monday, 29 September 2014

Peter Okoye: "Usher And I Can Compete In Dance"

Psquare stands one of Africa's biggest and most succesfull music groups and they are continuously making their fans proud mixing singing and dancing so beautifully. Plus realeasing their 6th studio album "Double Trouble" this year. But can they match US singer Usher Raymond when it comes to dance?One of the group's members, Peter Okoye claims he can stand Usher on the dance floor after so many years in the choreography business.

In an interview with Beat 99.9 FM, the "Do Me" hit-maker agreed Usher aka his lost brother is one of the best when it comes to dance and singing in the world but he can also be beaten on the dance floor by him if the opportunity ever surfaces."We have danced for a very long time to compete even with the best in the world," Peter said on radio. "Usher is like a mentor, I watched him dance ever since I was young but I can match him now... after dancing for many years."Well, it's not a bad thing to hit the battle floor with someone you truly admire so much but, wait, USHER.... REALLY?

Perhaps, Peter can try. As for his other half, Paul Okoye, he will just be a cheerleader since he's so scared of breaking his back. His brother called him Lazy - in the same radio interview - as the reason why he doesn't dance any more.