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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Herbalist Who Buried Custom Officer Alive Begs For Mercy

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«This is an update on a pathetic story #Seepent_Muzikblog carried in May about how a herbalist, Alhaji Olatunji Azeez, who buried a senior Customs Officer, Angela Kerry and her 10 year old daughter, Obiagulum, alive after fleecing her of her hard earned money on May 10, 2014.

«After four months in police cell, the evil herbalist is begging for forgiveness, blaming the devil for his atrocious deeds.

«This is his narration to the police, as reported by the Saturday Sun Newspaper:

«She was brought to my clinic by her friend who I assisted in the past. This was six years ago. She was very sick then. She had a spiritual attack also known as ofa in Yoruba. It is sent by evil people, in form of an evil arrow. Her body will turn black and will be itching her ceaselessly. People are very wicked.

«Then she had retired from the Customs service. I tried my best and God answered her prayer. She was very excited and decided to make me her spiritual father. She started pa tronizing me, even if it was common headache. I was also the one who gave her herbs that cured her fibroid completely.

«She was never married and does not have children but along the line, she adopted a girl. This did not satisfy her quest for a child.

«Four years after we met, she came to me saying she has been unable to bear children. She said that other places she had been told that she can still have children. She was more than 60 years then.

«I told her that if she had come when she was 50 it would have been easy. I tried to convince her but she insisted that her instincts told her that I am the one that will make her pastors’ prophecy to come to pass.

«Around May last year, she started a serious complaint, saying she has spent money on this. I told her that since she has adopted a child that she shouldn’t worry about it. Two months later she came and said her pastor said if she puts effort into it, she will have children.

«I asked why she is bent on doing that since she is not married. She said she has boyfriends. That she wants her boy friends to be responsible for the child. She said she had already spent N15 million on it.

«I knew at that moment that she will spend anything to get her desire and if I do not benefit from this moment, another man will collect the same money from her. I then told her that it will cost her about N10 million to make her wish come through. The following week she came with N1.7 mil lion.

«She paid the money gradually. I started my job. She said she has faith in me. She told me she saw her menstruation. She was around 63 as she said. I told her to wait for the second one and try to meet her man af ter. She said some of her boyfriends were in London. So, she invited one of them. When he came she told me he has arrived.

«The man came and left and she wasn’t still preg nant. Around April this year, she came. She said she wanted to tell me something. She said she wanted to stop taking the medicine. That time, she had already paid N9 million. I encouraged her to continue for another two years since she has faith in me.

«She said she didn’t want to continue. She said she wanted her money back. I told her it’s not possible. She started threatening that she will come. She said she will be back with full force. I thought she was joking.

«We have never quarrelled. I was alarmed because I suspected that other trado medical doctors that she has been visiting could have bewitched her. She came again with her daughter to collect her money and threatened me. I was frightened by the way she was talking.

«I knew that as a Custom officer, she has a gun. I thought I should let her go to the police. She threatened she would report me. So, I let her go that day. Three days later, she came the same way with her daughter.

«That day, I had to go to my house and gave her N2.5 million. She said by the next day, she will come and she did. She asked for the balance and I told her that she should leave me alone that I have other cases.

«She warned she will come in two days’ time and that when she does, it would be hell. So, I thought about it and prepared for her. That’s when the evil thought that landed me here came.

«I wanted to report to the police but I knew that if I mentioned about the N6 million left I will be in trouble. I knew it was impos sible for me to use a knife or gun to kill a human being created by God.

«She arrived as promised ranting and threatening hell. I went behind and covered that well with a mat and white cloth. I prayed to God to calm her down so that she will obey me. I came back to the living room and pleaded again that I will surely give her the money the next day. God heard my prayer and she calmed down. I told her to join me and pray at the backyard. She loves praying, so it was very easy to persuade her.

«I asked her to kneel down on the white cloth… She drew the child, I asked her to leave the child behind. I moved the child back. Before I could stop her she had al ready moved the girl with her and they knelt on the mat.

«Then I heard her shout ‘yeeee’as she fell into the deep well. She was scream ing, and I had to move quickly and started packing sand into the well. It was getting late as at that time. I was able to pour in 50 buckets and was tired and terrified.

«I rushed to the mosque to pray and ask God for for giveness. When I returned, I discovered that the girl was already on the surface of the sand. There was no way she could climb out because the well was still very deep.

«I had to silence her or she will tell the world what I did. I threw in heavy blocks till she became silent. I kept pouring sand till the well was filled up. The following day I called some labourers to seal off the place. I had to go to Jankara to see if I can sell the car.

«In the cell, I met all kinds of hardened criminals who were already re pentant. They shared their testimonies with me, and advised that the only way God can ensure that I will live again is if I confess to the crime.

«I realised that my days will be longer here if they were not found. I would have been released at Oko Oba police sta tion, if not that the family insisted that the case should be transferred to SARS. I felt that since there was no witness to the crime, I will be treated as an innocent man.

«I want the family to forgive me. If you see my heart, you will understand. I couldn’t even sleep in the house. This kind of thing has never happened to me before. If you ask anybody around there who I am, they will tell you. My job is to heal. It’s the devil. I didn’t do it with my normal mind.

«She saw me as her spiritual father. I also assisted her to sell her house at Omole which we did at the cost of N74 million. She later bought a house at Agege at the price of N8 million and also spent about N9 million.

«Initially, it was bought in my name because she never trusted her family members; she said she wanted to travel to America with her daughter.

Source: Saturday Sun Newspaper