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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Celeb Lounge With DAN-HAUSAWA[@DH_Adoyi]

DAN-HAUSAWA aka DH is a young,inspiring artiste, born to a middle class family in the Kaduna suburb of malali, (his dad was an Engineer with a federal government parastatal in Kaduna while his mum was a supervisor in the central bank of Nigeria office in Kaduna and later in Abeokuta), the young Cletus Ogwuche was a quiet unassuming lad who was more inclined to be caught with a book in hand than mouthing the lyrics to any pop tune. As he approached his teens however, his interest in literature, developed into a deeper love of poetry and the written word especially in the hausa language. Like most of his peers, he was also intrigued by the explosion of Rap and hip-hop as an art form.By the time he was rounding up his secondary school in 1996 he was already immersed in his new art form and was quite literally on the cusps of commencing a glittering career in the music industry.With hit tracks like AURE, GADA, KWASHI KWARAP and SHAKE UR BODY, DanHausawa has been able to infuse his own unique style of elegant, insightful rhymes with vivacious tempo and hard hitting baselines that are the hallmark of the Nigerian dancehall and hip-hop scene. His acute sense of musical history and studying of the Nigerian great scene also mean that he can draw quite seamlessly from influences as varied as Mamman Shata and Fela Anikulapo Kuti. There are also collabos with other international artiste from Niger Republic, Chad, Gabon, Cote d voire and Ghana.Perhaps what sets DH, as he’s affectionately called by his legion of friends and others apart is his combination of slick, poetic rhymes and a soulful drawl of voice coupled with the excellent use of the hausa language.

Danhausawa is currently one of the biggest musicians in northern Nigeria and Niger Republic. In 2009, he toured 3 regions in Niger Republic including the capital Niamey.His latest music video(wakar mata) is said to be one of the finest videos from Northern Nigeria and no doubt the best to be produced by any rising STAR in Nigeria. DH is the newest sensation on the music scene.In a brief interview with the ceo of seepentMuzik Dh took us on tour round his world of music.

»Question: At what age did you start music?

-[Dh Adoyi]: I started music at age 8,My mom Reverend Mary was the founder of Children Bible Ministry that also has a music department. I was one of the singers. I was also part of the kiddies music albums released in the 90's.

»Question: Wow that's cool so what was the name of your first song and would you say inspired it?

-[Dh Adoyi]: I started as a gospel musician and my first song was titled Prayerdol. It was actually inspired by a message preached by Bishop Samaza.

»Question: Who are your inspirations?

-[Dh Adoyi]: First the almighty God, then I have people I listened to or read their books for inspiration. The likes of Bishop T.D JAKES, Tuface, R.Kelly, the life of D'banj and how he built an empire even against all odds.

»Question: Which of your stage performance will you say elevated you?

-[Dh Adoyi]: My performance with a Dutch band called Minsikinda and meeting and singing a line of my song to the president of Niger republic Gen. Mamadou Tganja.‬

‪»Question: What has been your favorite solo or group song you have ever done & why?

-[Dh Adoyi]: My favorite solo song is "Kazalika". The song was inspired by the things happening around me at the time.

»Question: Wow we will love to hear that, If you were stuck in one TV show which would it have to be?

-[Dh Adoyi]: Who wants to be a millionaire.

»Question: What will Dh be doing if you weren't a music star?

-[Dh Adoyi]: I would be practicing law or continue as a Radio host or a TV presenter/Producer or a music producer or a video director/director. As a matter of fact I still do some of these things.

»Question: So What do you like to do in your free time?

-[Dh Adoyi]: watch the news or surf the internet.

»Question: If you had a soundtrack to your life what song/songs would have to be on it?

-[Dh Adoyi]: Aure by DH, Kazalika by DH, one love by Tuface, jailer by Asa, Dear Mama by Tupac and I believe I can fly by R.Kelly.

»Question: What charity is closest to your heart?

-[Dh Adoyi]: my foundation: The #iWantPeace Foundation>>

»Question: Do you have advice for anyone wanting to start music?

-[Dh Adoyi]: Be talented, creative and humble.

»Question: List five(5) things you can't do without?

-[Dh Adoyi]: aside from God and my wife, then it has to be my Phone, car, home studio, internet connection and coke lol.

»Question: We saw you brought the likes of Sean tizzle,chuddy k and other celebrities to Kaduna state,who should we expect next?

-[Dh Adoyi]: Can't say for now but we are working on something BIG.

»Question: Are you signed under any music label or are you a ceo?>

-[Dh Adoyi]: I'm an indie artist. Hoping to get signed on to a bigger platform soon.

»Question: We all know you will be getting married real soon so are you gonna slow down your music or are you gonna stop?

-[Dh Adoyi]: I'm just about to start music professionally aiming to reach the entire world.

»Question: Final words to your fans?

-[Dh Adoyi]: Expect better songs, good videos and more albums from me soon.‬