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Friday, 15 August 2014

Krockcity Diva Gleezy[@gleezyp] Attacked!!!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaa not again,this shouldn't be happening in krockcity.Gleezy would have been declared dead or missing by now but thank God Almighty for saving her. My dear friends,Gleezy was heading back home from the studio last night at about 10pm when this tragic event happened;Hear her own side of the story.

GLEEZY: I jst dropped from keke o and i settled the keke guy,as he was about giving me my change,i saw a royal bike and on it were two men,they just passed me and entered the street that leads to my quarters when the keke guy drove off;I started walking down then i saw the same bike that had passed me drove towards me and stopped,the way they stopped right in front of me made me to pause and the guy driving the bike was like "sister pls which road leads to high cost junction?"

     Before he could finish the sentence the guy behind came down and before i could even raise my hand to give them the direction,the guy who had come down brought out a knife and was raising it up in readiness to stab me immediately,i screamed "blood of Jesus" twice,then the guy who was ridding the bike came down and he held my neck so tight that i could barely breath,then he said "don't shout,don't shout" and i manage to talk and i said "what do u want,you can take everything" I said that stretching my purse and phones to the guy in front of me who was holding the knife up ready to stab me just at that moment Jesus intervened. A car came out of my quarters and wen they saw the light of the car they left me and flew away with their bike,i ran with full speed and entered my quarters.

     The man driving the car noticed and he followed them,I couldn't breath i had to sit by the security post at the entrance of my quarters to gasp for air.when i narrated everything to the security men and one other guy who had saw faintly what happened from a distance,they too where shocked.we walked back to the scene and just then the guy that drove out of my quarters (a neighbour), drove back and stopped he den told me,the security men and the other guy dat he noticed i was shouting so he followed them but they escaped.Its obvious that they were not interested in my belongings,they only wanted my dead body for ritual.Pls my dear friends help me to thank baba God who is in heaven. Help me to thank Jesus christ who came to die for sinners like me.