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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Enews: Drake Said Rihanna Is a Devil,Is He Right?

Drake is obviously hurt to call Rihanna 'a devil' at Toronto concert,At his Toronto concert the rapper portrayed his ex Girlfriend as the devil – but is he right?
Rihanna is the devil - says ex beau Drake
Rihanna is now the devil, at least that's what her ex beau Drake  told his hundreds of thousands of fans during his OVO Fest performance in Toronto, Canada Monday night.
Given the fact that this is the same guy she used to bang after she struggled to dump Chris Brown, is this too harsh?
While singing "Days In the East" same Monday night in Toronto, a fiery 6 appeared on the projector, followed by an image of a fierce Rihanna with dracula fangs, followed again by another 6, then another Rihanna and then a third 6 --- (6-Rihanna-6-Rihanna-6).
It remains unclear what exactly transpired between RiRi and Dreezy during and after their relationship but what turned Rihanna from Drake's girl into a satanic symbol? Drake has trashed her here and there, but it's one thing to have beef with your ex, and another to call her out as the devil tagged with the evil mark – 666.
Our Pulse.ng fans what do you think of this Drake move? Does RiRi deserve it?