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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Close up & Personal With TEDDY BAGG[@teddybagg]

The name TeddyBagg might sound new to you that's if you are not a music lover,TeddyBagg Abagga is one of the top rising artistes here in northern Nigeria.In an interview with SeepEnt MuzikBlog's @iam_sonnyyoung,he gave us an insight in and around his world of music.

»How would you like to be introduced?

TEDDY BAGG: Hello world...i am ROBINSON BAGGINSON JOHNSON JR by name, famously known as TEDDYBAGG ABAGGA aka FLAT TOMMY JESUS aka CALABAS aka MEGATUNEZ SOJAR..born December 25th in the early 90's hail form abia state, born and brough up in KD(kaduna)..

»How or when did you start your music career?

TEDDY BAGG: ehm started music way back 03 but professionally 2013 when I signed my 1st music contract with MEGATUNEZ the label am in right now won by KD(KADUNA) city number1 Rapper HENZY

»Which of your song will you say elevated your career?

TEDDY BAGG: though you will nave ask this that 1 song that when you listen to it you have no choice by to put it on replay..that 1 song that you be like"were da hell did this guy get this wordz form" that 1 song that when my manger had it He just had to sign me,And that 1 song is """RELENTLESS"""

»What are you working on right now?

TEDDY BAGG: working on a lot of projects, my next single is coming out soon tittle "AHALLELUYAH" itz a gospel song me been grateful for all God had don for me and the beautiful people around me..and also working on another song tittle "WORD 7" and more to come yah should just expect some fing good from TEDDYBAGG..

»What do you feel pressured about most right now in your life?

TEDDY BAGG: nothing real pressuring me am good am always Goo

»Are there songs you have written but you think you will never release?

TEDDY BAGG: hmmmmm I don't thing there any for now, cos am of them people who believes in Good music so when I write I make sure I write GOOD, I mean when something is Good you will went to release it right,I have NONE..

»If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing?

TEDDY BAGG: I would had been the just kidding..if I wasn't doing music I would had been a footballer playing for the national team bring home trophy and my club would had been MAN UNITED and my jersey name would had been 101


»So far in your music career what’s your biggest accomplishment?

TEDDY BAGG: every step of success is an accomplishment and am not were I use to be way back O3, so I will say my biggest accomplishment is my signing to (MMG) MEGATUNEZ MUSIC GANG..thatz wat what every artist pray for "having a label and a manger" and I gat that.. And am till setting more goalz to greater hight and with my team along..

»What’s the hardest thing you had to do in your music career so far?

TEDDY BAGG: the entertainment industry is a place you get most of the crazy advice and if you are not focus you will make lot of mistake you will leave to re-great, for the love of music I had to cut off form something/people am really not gonna mention, I refuse to be nothing but a success to accomplish that I just had to tag along thing/people that are heading that way..

» What would be your biggest accomplishment?

TEDDY BAGG: Straight up no long talk singing with my mentor T.I & M.I ABAGGA

»What song do you wish you’d written and performed?

TEDDY BAGG: NONE BRO...I love all my songz

»What’s the one question you’ve been waiting for someone to ask you?

TEDDY BAGG: How much should I send to ur account.

»Most artists have things they do beside music, do you have a side job like the rest or its majorly music?

TEDDY BAGG: beside music am an health consultant, working with Nigerian military reference hospital the biggest hospital in (kd) KADUNA.. So if you don't under stand your health halla at me....

»If you weren’t doing music, what would it be?

TEDDY BAGG: life is hard it self and am still living thatz hard....

»What’s the future for you?

TEDDY BAGG: well GOD known the future best, he play the leading roll to my life I only play the backgrand..and he said do your best nd live the rest,and dere is a saying that go's the way you lay your bed that's how you gon sleep on it, am laying my bed Good if you known what I mean..

»Any future collaboration with any famous artiste?

TEDDY BAGG: yep working on something with artist like... SKY B, Virusdetected, skales, henzy, SK boy CAMERIZY, ice prince.. Lotz of them I cnt remember right no

»Any last words?

TEDDY BAGG: nothing ever comes out,out of fear learn how to face ur fears always listen to people no matter how crazy they are they have something to say and all so learn how to pay attention to your self nave stop believing in your self,your dream are real itz the map to you success wake up and walk to it....Shoutout to my fanz God make y'all bigger if it wasn't for you there would had been TEDDYBAGG,Shoutout to my mum for giving me life, love you big time mummy. Shoutout to my manger HENZEE for believing in my dreamz(LOYAL)#MMG#RICHGANG...

Shoutout to anyone thats going true this page right now #bless

Glory be to G.O.D.....datz watzup..

»To round up pick one of these, Shamarma or pizza?


Get To Know Teddy Bagg Personally

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PHONE NUMBER: +2348137762481

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