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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Young Anti Aging Beauty Tips & Tricks

What I'm offering you in this guide is invaluable.  If you follow the guidelines listed below, you can stay forever young and beautiful.  Well ok I may be exaggerating a bit (a tiny smudge) but it caught your interest right?) Unfortunately there are no miracle drugs.  Sadly, no Fountain of Youth but there are some things you can do to stay young and healthy looking without anything too radical. Lifestyle Habits are the main thing to consider. Following some simple steps will help you look and feel better. It will also save you a ton of money and keep you out of the plastic surgeon's chair


You know what they say about first impressions. Your smile is something people notice. Take care of your teeth. Make sure to get your regular dental check ups and cleanings. If you notice your teeth becoming discolored buy a teeth whitening product. These are very reasonable now and they work. Avoid smoking, coffee and red wine as they can stain teeth.


We are all our own worst critics and we often judge ourselves to harshly. When you look in the mirror don't take note of the crow's feet take note of your lovely brown eyes. Be kind to yourself. Everyone ages. There is no way around that but we can make sure we do it gracefully. Remember that you are Beautiful. Take Pride in that.Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand.


It has been said that being overweight by 10 pounds can add 5 years to your looks. With the extra weight you lose the definition between your jaw line and neck which ages us. Try to eat 5 fruis or vegetable a day. Drink lots of water. Avoid coffee when you can.  Caffeine dries you out it's a diuretic. Water moisturizes skin from within.


This along with dieting is often the hardest habit for people to start but it is very important. Once you get in the habit it will be second nature. Exercise has so many benefits.  Helps maintain good posture, alleviate stress and increase blood flow. Once you see the positive affects it brings you'll be hooked.


Lack of sleep leaves us with puffy eyes and dark circles.  These can make you look haggard, cranky and years older than your actual age. It's easy to say sleep 8 hours every night but often not as easy to do.  Do try to get on a schedule that gives you enough sleep.  Your body restores and repairs itself during sleep.  It's a natual healer for mind and body.


Find a happy middle. Avoid wearing hair too long. As you age it becomes less flattering. Avoid wearing it too short. A severe short hair cut can also tack on the years. Have bangs! Bangs soften the face and are flattering on anyone. Avoid blunt cut bangs. Try side swept or long layered bangs.


Smoking breaks down the natural proteins in the skin collagen and elastin.  It decreases the blood supply to your skin.  When you smoke your pucker your lips.  Over time those pucker lines will become permanent.  Lipsticks bleeds down into them making your lips look dry, crackly and well old.


Avoid being heavy handed with make up. Certain cosmetics can actually age you. Foundations and Powders often make fine lines look more prominent. They look more like "wrinkles" Use anti aging products and keep it light. Pale Pinks can be very flattering. Avoid heavy black eye make up. Keep your brows neat but don't over tweeze. Consider waxing if you are very dark or have heavy brows. A little more money but a lot less time consuming.


Keep up on style trends. This doesn't mean spending a ton of money on clothing. Just keep your wardrobe updated with key pieces. Make sure you know what works for you. Always accentuate the positive. Don't give up your age by wearing outdated clothing. Be modern and express your amazing taste with your clothing.