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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

TEDDYBAGG(@Teddybagg ) Speaks On Brazil Leaving The World Cup.

The name TEDDYBAGG may sound new to most of you, but its not new to the good people northern-Nigeria.The fast rising Krockcity rapper, PH base, under d management MEGATUNEZ #mmg won by Henzee has this to say about d team he love so much who just lost to GERMANY 7goalz to 1;Teddy bagg strongly believes that Brazil sold there last match has this to see to say...

People fear what they don't understand, brazil losing to Germany its a plan work,if u have been following brazil updates,you will get to know they spent lots of money building up stadiums & and other stuffs just to host the worldcup, and the economy of brazil went down.Infact Brazilians workers had to go on strike cause there were no capital to pay workers.

           Brazil been a small country who's economy lays on SUGARCANE, BANANAS & FOOTBALL and so fort had to sell the match to Germany, to raise capital for there country.

     what is the use of going to the finals and not matching out as winner or wining the cup and losing 2times.For their economy to stand again they decided to sell the SEMI-FINAL to Germany which took place on tuesday 8th of july,that was why according to team Doctor Rodrigo Lasmar who said NEYMAR was having a back injuring & and Brazilian coach Luiz Scolari had to make brazilian captain miss the semi-final plus Brazil was un-team like on the Arian, poor defence no action to get a goal.

Strong football lovers can tell how match is been played when been sold,

We all know on a normal day Germany can't beat Brazil 7goalz to 1, even if they gonna win,it will be 2goals to 1 or just a goal if it was competitive.

To my brother from another mother MARVELLOUS da BADEST who strongly wanted my team Brazil to leave the world Cup.Our 3rd place victory is my H.B.D gift to you.