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Sunday, 13 July 2014

I.T.G (@ITGbizz) and SD AWANGO(@SDawanGO) on #Sunday_dope_rap_lines

»I.T.G (@ITGbizz)

Amma Kip-Kip, no one is scoring this goal,

Amma Zip-Zip, I'm not giving this to any cheap whole,

Rappers go weep-weep cos what I do with my lip, they do with their knees,

so them go creep-Creep,I.T.G broadcasting this rap-shit like I'm a Town-crier,

I'm so into this Bars call me Esquire,

Rappers aren't quiet, I just to loquacious,

I eat plenty of food but I'm just too Lekpacious,

I'm always on-point, just too lyrically Conscious,

I dish my Rap hot, Even to blind-men, Its Delicious,

I make my fans Buy my Raps rather than Food, now even mama-put dem dey Jealous.......  


Love for the ghetto,love for the streets,

 love for the hustle love of the greater good of my people,

as u see me so men I no dey support evil, my own na chop I chop,

babagida things bro, ishe yen work, owo yen block, my ghanians know wassup,

monday to friday, cue for the high way, collect ur money finish police dey there kampe,

to collect their lions share, men dis is not fair, monkey dey chop baboon dey chop and he no care, wat about tomorrow, think about ur people, ur children self go soon grow,

chop our money clean mouth, you hear dis verse now u lean back