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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Interview:close up with REBORN(@Reborn_icecity)

SE-Reborn tha mic beast,can we meet you sir?

REBORN- yea why not its a free world,am Jude Roy Dominic aka Reborn.Am a afro pop artiste based in Kaduna state.

SE-just like yesterday you were underground but today you among the top artistes in northern Nigeria,how does it feel like to be known?

REBORN- well, I feel great but mind you am still aiming for the top.

SE-Nice........ So tell us a little about your childhood & school;how was it?

REBORN- hmmmm cool,I was born and brought up in the barracks,"I BE PURE BARRACK BOY OH".I once leaved in that zanga were many peepz said nothing good can come out of it!!!!

Growing up there are places we can't step our foot on......because they see barracks children as irresponsible well like VECTOR THA VIPER am very close to my peak to change that...

SE-Wow pretty tough but what were the challenges you faced when you choose music as a career?

REBORN- Emmm the only challenge was I don't know what to write anytime am holding a pen everything "Go just lost for my head"

SE-Were your parents in full support of the music stuff?

REBORN- yea,very well.

SE-wow! That's cool na!

SE-whats the name of ur first single & why did you choose the name truth hurts for your studio?

REBORN- "mata kuzu mu damse" was my first single, that was long ago by the way, I guess 05/06 or so... I choose TRUTH HURTS after my dad pass away, these use to be his words to us his kids.. Well TRUTH HURTS is just the slogan of the studio, THINKBIG is the name of my studio..

SE-But why music?

REBORN- 3 words "Music is life"

SE-so which instruments do you play?

REBORN- hahahahah to tell you the truth I play non but I have plans to start learning how to play piano....

SE-as the ceo of ThInkBigSudio & icecity entertainment how is ur relationship like with ur artistes & how many artiste do u have under you?

REBORN- well I love my relationship with all my artistes cos we more of a family than that of a team......we just great, I have 5 artistes under my label....

Ques-What genres of music do you do?


SE-whoa...... So which famous Afro-pop/Raggae hip pop artiste do you admire and why?

REBORN- mehnnn I admire cynthia morgan, Eva, Patoranking, Endia, and YungL, because I write good music anytime I listen to this set of individuals I love them all the way.....

SE-Patoranking is amazing! So what was the inspiration behind your latest blazing single "Turn me On"?

REBORN- My Girl.. She's got qualities you know

SE-Nice..... that's cool but how do you balance your music with other obligations?                            

REBORN- I plan my schedules well, so it doesn't affect time I've got for my music in anyway

SE-how you dey take flex,what do you do for fun?

REBORN- I hangout a lot with ma pals.

SE-aha less i forget!! you recently won the award for best afro pop artiste,how did you feel when they said "and the winner is Reborn"?                                        

REBORN- Ehhhhh at first my heart "e b like say fire de burn inside" bcos my category was very tough but inspite all the big names in my category I still came out victorious I thank God for that.

SE-hmmmmmmm i know most of your fans are ladies so how do you cope with that?

REBORN- Normal....they are my fans I don't joke with them bcos I see them as part of the people promoting me ......and I make sure I give them a very hot banga when ever the listen to me live on air or watch me perform on stage.....

SE-so when should we be expecting an album?

REBORN- Not anytime soon mehn I've got many things to do right nw before planing how my album is gon be like.....

SE-How often and for how long do you practice?

REBORN- I don't ve a particular time to practice I rehearse to my satisfaction everyday bcos music is what am doing......

SE- What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

REBORN- They should just be ontop of their game....they should spend more time on how ta improve their skills because whether they like it or not they sure gonna meet 1 or 2 people that will discourage them because at that moment their delivery is still sounding up coming.... I remember people telling me same thing I won't go far but I dint give up I kept doing my thing......

Just Keep your game tight and listen to good music and know were your nagging behind and corrections....

SE-So whats the next big thing for Reborn? REBORN- Well any moment from now...the world should anticipate my new video "Bose ranmi lowo" ft skinnyboi and "shake up" ft El-vino a lagos star.

SE-I know you are busy now so any last words? How can your fans keep in touch?

REBORN- Emmm i would say expect the very best from me & have faith in yourself.

You can keep in touch by liking my facebook fan page @Reborn_official,add me on bb Pin:329FF136 and follow me on twitter @Reborn_icecity .