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Friday, 18 July 2014

Interview: Close up with Lil Dex(@lildexdavid )

Seep entertainments Sunday Elisha(@iam_sonnyyoung) recently had a chat with Krockcity's Hip pop first lady Lil Dex;she gave us an insight of her journey in and out her world of music.

SE- Lil Dex can we meet you?

Lil Dex- well am Mirabel David popularly known as Lil Dex,am the first in the family of six.i hail from Orumba north local government area in Anambra state,but lives in krockcity(kaduna state) am rap a artiste who loves music and life.

SE- So tell me how did you become lil dex,how did u come up with the name?

Lil Dex- I got lil from my small stature,then DeX CAME from the word DEXTERITY

SE- Wow that's quite creative,so tell us a little about ur background?

Lil Dex- well growing up was fun,i am the first grand child from my mum's family,so i was everyone's pet always travlin from one aunt's house to next.

Though my dad was a strict type,he is a kind of person you don't wanna disobey.He drops me infront of school gate by 7:30am..ones its 3:30pm,he wil be in front of the school gate waiting,then the moment we get home,he goes through my books ..God help me if I fail any,..I always have an hour to watch cartoon,have my siester friends,just me and my siblings.

SE- what was ur first stage performance like,were you nervous?

Lil Dex- yeaa,i was course i was only a kid then,i had no experience at all and to make matters worse,it was a competition,how I emerged the winner still baffles me.

SE- wow! What competition was that?

Lil Dex- Television rap battle 2008.

SE- What pushed you into music?

Lil Dex- well,its the love i gat for it.

SE- What would you have been doing if not music?

Lil Dex- Omoh,Lil dex would have been an artist

SE- What kind of music do you do?

Lil Dex- hip hop

SE- Do you play any instrumentals?

Lil Dex- nop

SE- what are your aspirations?

Lil Dex- live..every thing I see inspires me

SE- Tell us how you have grown from your first performance till date...?

Lil Dex- well,then I didn't know that performing on a stage is more than just climbing it and miming what you'ev recorded,Iv learnt stage management,how to communicate with the audience,the spotlights and all,I can proudly say am now a pro on stage

SE- so what was your turning point?

Lil Dex- I would say 2008 when i performed alongside 2face in a Salah show at Gamji hall here in Kaduna state and in 2009 i was the only artiste to perform at Jennie music Easter fiesta at Goroma beach Lagos,with the likes of Edris,Mc loph,Mocheda,The Pulse,Jaywon,Essien,K.S.B,Malam spisy,Terry G,Side 1 and lots more

SE- Wow! You don journey be that o,What inspires you,before you start writing your songs, before you go on stage to perform, what are things you do/think of that motivate you?

Lil Dex- well,I get inspired by what I see,what I feel and imagine,then I put it into writing and I see every stage as my play ground or a fun ground so I don't do anything before mounting it,I just climbs every stage nd have fun with my fans

SE- what were your parents first reaction when you started your musical career?

Lil Dex- my mum was very supportive

SE- Tell us what else you do alongside music?

Lil Dex- am a student

Se- You recently won best female rap act at the just concluded KEA-awards,tell us how did you feel when they gave you the awards?

Lil Dex- well I felt appreciated,you know,being recorgnised and awarded for what you do..I felt honoured

SE- After the awards did you get more exposure?if yes in what way?

Lil Dex- well,it really increased my fan base..The name LIL DEX,atimes while chilling with friends and someone calls me Lil dex,the guys on the next table will be like"excuse me,are you the Lil dex?,the one that won the best female rapper?...some will be like'please can we take a picture with you"?..soo it has really taken my name to places

SE- I like that paparrazi thing bah?

Lil Dex- (laughter) sort of.

SE- like what can you give up music for?

Lil Dex- For now..NOTHING MAN

SE- People refer to you as Splash's younger sis,how does that feels?

Lil Dex- well ..I always say this..if you really sit and listen to my songs,you will realize that the only connection I have with splash is the dialect and the sex...with all due respect,I'm more of Phyno

SE- So you are attracted to phyno?

Lil Dex-

SE- can you tell us something most people don't know about you?

Lil Dex- yeaa..many don't believe that I don't drink nor smoke...and am a very shy type(smiles)

SE- you recently left Heroez entertainment for baddest concept,why?

Lil Dex- Nothing really,I resignd peacefully..I just needed to step up

SE- So how is the new team like,any challenges?

Lil Dex- I just joined,so for now thier ain't any challenges,but we will face any that comes squarely as a team

SE- So how can you compare life before you got your first record deal and life now in terms of your musical career?

Lil Dex- I don't get your question please

SE- Tell us the truth is music a passion or a business for you?

Lil Dex- Lols..well its passion..but it becomes more passionate when the money comes with it

SE- who are your favorite Nigerian musical artistes and why?

Lil Dex- phyno,2face and Eva

SE- so you are feeling the man of the year?

Lil Dex- of course yes;Alobam tinz

SE- hahahahahahahahah so which producer are you feeling the most in Krockcity and 9ja in a whole?

Lil Dex- well I have worked with virtually the best producers in kaduna state..Dollars,Mr Sough,Phil I,Mr Hit,Dr Dams,S2J,X anambra state I have producers Like M krunky,Ritzy B,T Slim..they are all dope.give em the equipments Sarz nd Don Jazy have,you wunt believe you ears

SE- Since the music industry has come a long way in Nigeria, is anything still missing?

Lil Dex- Noo..we growing soo fast,I getting better by the day

SE- if you have an opportunity to change one thing about Nigeria,what will that be?

Lil Dex- our mind set..

SE- what are your plans for your future, any collaborations in the future?

Ans- yea..lots of dope stuffs coming your way,,dropping my lastest single 'BULALA'ft Blizzi,1 of the dopest rapper we have,then my 'INTRODUCTION' video follows,then thiers a surprise package coming,lets keep our fingers crossed

SE- what do you do for fun?

Ans- I hang out with friends

Ques- define rap in a sentence

Lil Dex- its words with ryhms

SE- Any advice to the upcoming?

Lil Dex- have a dream,believe in it and work towards it

SE- Final words to your fans out there

Lil Dex- well..wil start by taking them,thanks for believing and standing by me even with all my flaws,will never let you down

SE- How can we keep in touch?

Lil Dex- You can catch me on facebook Mirabel David or Lildex David,on Twitter @lildexdavid,on instagram LILDEXDAVID

SE- thanks for coming around lil dex.