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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Why women cheat!!!!!

From the male perspective, the answers to the question why do women cheat are really crystal clear and is considered an abomination when done.Yes!!! I say it again, that there's definitely no justification for cheating so, both parties are completely doing the wrong thing.

Even though we women put up with a lot of things, its obvious we cheat too, no matter how hard we try not to.

What would make a woman cheat?

Take me for instance, what would make me cheat on my man?

I'm this kind of person who is so much in love with love, I don't play with anything called love, I love being in love, practically because of love and nothing else and I let my man know this before we date but I'll cheat on him when he stops doing things he does from the onset, those thing which made me fall for him, I'll cheat on him when he stops giving me attention, I'll cheat on him when while dating, he makes me feel lonely and so it goes.

Have I ever cheated on my date?



Its simply because, I lost my value to him. He stopped being the person I knew him to be, he was no longer available for me, when I needed someone to talk to, he was no where to be found, when I needed a shoulder to cry on, he was far from me. No messages, no phone calls, no chats, nothing at all, I felt lonely and bored, I tried to stay and hold unto the relationship, it was the same.

To me, we were done even though we haven't called the shots as at then, someone else came along, offered me all what I needed and before I could say Jack Robinson, I was in love again.

Back to the basis

There are so many reasons why women cheat on their man...

# Lack Of Attention

Guys claim busy a lot, come on, we know you are busy but we too are not idle, a minute off work to send us a text that reads " Baby I Love You or Missing you baby" won't make you lose your job, it won't change your status either or increase the amount of money in your pocket. Why ignore her, why make her feel worthless in the relationship? If it goes on, and another comes into the picture, he gets her number and calls always, he try to make her smile at all times and in the long run, she'll begin to have a soft spot for him and might later go ahead to date him while you're still in the picture.

# Appreciation

It is said that an appreciation is the application for greater things to be done, when your woman love you with all her body, soul, mind and all, and you don't regard her, respect nor appreciate her, its obvious someone else outside will and she'll definitely lose interest in you.

Though appreciation may not seem as a piece of work to you, but to a woman, its reasonable. She's got to try to feel better some kind of way and so falls for the next guy that comes along who appreciates her even when she does nothing.

# Lack of Discipline

When she don't know how to control herself, she falls for anything outside aside her man.

# When she hasn't really found who she is and what she's worth

Ok!! This is somehow critical, but I'm going to explain better.

You may think this is a cop-out but its actually a reality, it goes back to the way women judge themselves against each other, if I haven't said this before, I'm saying it now, we are defined by who we are, what we do and how much we make.

Experience is priceless and maturity goes hand in hand with age. A woman who hasn't found who she is, won't make it a priority to have a serious date nor need someone to complete her and when she meets someone, it won't be for the sake of love, she'll just want friendship and will go ahead to meet other guys, now, if you are a guy and you fall deeply in love with this kind of woman, its going to be hard having her around because she's still finding her basics and if you eventually see her with someone else, you get mad.

# Background/ Environment

Our background has a lot to do with how we come out to be in the later future, if we live in an environment where people cheat or have people who cheats and gets away with it, we will want to try it out knowing fully well how wrong it is.

# Neglect

You neglect her feelings, turmoil seems to get up with you in the morning, and cuddle up with the two of you at night and how she feels isn't what she signed up for from the beginning, and since she can't get what she signed up for, she's likely to go find it elsewhere.

It is true that love dies through neglect, when you neglect your responsibilities which is to care for, love, protect and provide for your woman, someone else takes it up from where you stopped.


Have you seen the movie CHEATERS by Frank Rajah?

If you haven't, please do.

The movies has a lot to teach us about cheating and in relation with what am saying, I'll like to bring out something from there.

There are two married couple there, the man was doubting his wife's love for him, he wanted to find out if she could cheat on him. He was so determined to find out but never knew he was on his way to losing his lovely wife.

He neglected his manly responsibilities, refused her money and the rest of the things he did. He disguised as someone else and went to meet his wife. He started giving her money, showing her love, giving her attention and yea, they slept together while her husband Is still disguised as someone else.

In this kind of situation, its the husbands fault not her's.

Did you ask how?

Its simple....he stopped doing the things he does for her, he knew his wife was materialistic and he refused her money 'most especially'. He sent someone else her way and she falls in love with his money too.

Did you ask 'why couldn't she control herself?'

I'll tell you why...we all are known for something, when its money that you love, money will attract you to the person you would date. Ever heard the saying ' deep calleth unto deep?' Yes!!! You attract your own kind. Just like how you can't sow an apple and reap a pineapple, you can't love money and be in love with love.

Roger that!!!

Guys, please pay attention...

Never you test the love of your woman, never you doubt it, when a woman loves, she loves with her whole heart and please don't, go about destroying other girls if you find out your date is cheating on you.

Another thing is Material things.

In this age we are in, the highest bidder takes the girl. Yeah, if you have enough money on you, you get a girl.

Bad enough!!!

Not all girls are materialistic....not all girls like money, this is the one mistake you guys make, assuming we all are after same thing.

A girl would cheat on you, if from the beginning you flaunt your money, buy her gifts, spend unnecessarily and do a host of others things for her and later you stop doing all those things, she would leave because she was there for the money.

How do you know what she wants from the onset?

Very simple, study her, watch her but don't stalk her, spend but not too much, deny her some things, watch what she demands for, her relationship with others etc. With this, you can ascertain where she falls into.

A materialistic girl, you'll definitely know when you use your head.

What to do:

Call her always but don't stalk her

Remind her how much you cherish her and all that...

Common on! You know what to do don't you...don't make me sound like a love mistress.

You don't have to wait for Valentine's day or her birthday to make her feel special...

Women love surprises, so revive that relationship, take her out, write her a love letter, bombard her inbox with messages from your heart not copy and paste, date exclusively( date only her).

Let me see how she cheats after you do all this regularly.