Monday, 23 June 2014


Seep entertainments(@seepENT) Sunday Elisha(SE) recently stopped by to have a quick chat with the most hardest,baddest & most loved rap crew in northern Nigeria "THE DECYPLEZ".read what they said had to say about their journey in & around their world of music.
SE-can we meet you guys?
Decyplez-Yes Man. We are The Decyplez. A two guy rap crew Norm Cypher And 6ix-Sept and our real names are Stephen Akinyemi and Ahmed AbdulAzees (respectively) Norm Cypher is from Ondo state and 6ix-Sept is from Ogun state. We are based here in Kaduna and Abuja.

SE-are you guys kind of related?
Decyplez- Nope but we are both yoruba #Oshamo

SE-so like how long have you guys been together?
Decyplez-We've been together for about 3yrs now..

SE-so tell us how you guys met & why did you guys choose the name "THE DECYPLEZ"?
Decyplez- We met late 2007 and that was after I (6ix-Sept) just broke up with my group ‘CYNOSURE’ and (rap device) may his soul rest in peace (RIP) wanted to record a song titled THE BLACK FAME with about seven artists (mc's) on it, but it was just 6ix-Sept, Norm-Cypher and Rap-Device that ended up recording the song. And when Rap-Device passed away, we started out as friends and from there the friendship got stronger, we became best of friends and that resulted to the formation of the group known as THE DECYPLEZ and we have been doing music together ever since. We came up with the name The Decyplez because decyples means followers or believers of an idea or movement and since we are followers of good music and also believe in it,we just stuck with the name THE Decyplez.

SE-starting a crew is something & keeping it is something else,tell us how you guys kept the fire burning for the past ......... Years.

Decyplez-No be lie my G but first of all we are best of friends,if we have issues with each other, we don't wait till the next day before we settle it,we deal with it almost immediately and another thing is we always try to stay focus. You know they say when focus is lost,then failure is inevitable. We try to know the differences between what we want and what we need. Which ever is important to us at that particular moment is the one we will go for. We have hunger to do more.

SE-do you guys have a deal with any label?
Decyplez-None for now but we are trying to get one soon shaa. We are with the best team in Kaduna state MadeInKrockCity. Shoutout to 2Love. He is a Great guy.

SE-how many artiste have you guys worked with,in & off the sore's of Krockcity? Mention few.
Decyplez-We've done stuffs with a whole lot of artistes but to mention few just as you said,we did a joint with an abuja based rapper EMMY A. We did something with BLIZ (kd) she can rap,watch out for her. We've work with P-SON, CHOCOTIFA,ABK DA DON (team MadeInKrockCity) we did stuff with CYNOSURE (Abj) We did a Kaduna North Cypher with SUNNY YOUNG and J-NOX which we believe it will be released any moment from now. We have worked with AHMED (twiglava) BIG-Z and J-LYNX. Bros we don do stuffs Ooh na make God bless our hustle because no be how far,na how well.

SE-define hip pop/rap in a sentence.
Decyplez-To us, Hip PoP\Rap is Life and love.

SE-so how long do you guys plan to make music and what are your long term goals in the music industry?
Decyplez-Wow..... Man propose and God dispose but we plan to be in the making of good music business for as long as possible, 10years, 20years , 30years 50years only God knows but as we don come like dis, we have to come to stay weather dem like am or not and our long term goal is to become veterans,gain street credulity in and out of the hip hop world.

SE-what do you think your “biggest break” or “greatest opportunity” has been so far in your musical career?
Decyplez-Nothing major yet but to be able to come up with amazing tunes and the listeners go crazy about it is a big break on its own because according to those that have listened to Straight To The Top,a good number of them loved it and that was our first single. Opportunities are everywhere its now left to an individual to be able to use one when it's right on his or her face. Being able to be part of those contributing to take the Kaduna music industry to the next level is one among our greatest Opportunities.

SE-How would you describe rap/hip pop in Nigeria?
Decyplez-it is competitive, very competitive because there are loads of rappers here in Kaduna alone, talk more of Warri, J-Town and lagos. You will be surprise with the kind of rap songs that are out there now and all these rappers are just something else. So hip hop and rap in Nigeria is competitive and you should know for fact that The Decyplez too have come to compete..

SE-so which artiste or producer,home or away would you want to work with if given the opportunity?
Decyplez-Here in Nigeria, artists and producers we will work with if given the opportunity are Boogey, M.I, D-Truce, Vector, Ice Prince, Burna Boy, Modenine ,Ruby, Don Jazzy, Ty-Mix, Cohbams and XYZ. Over there in abroad, they will be Just Blaze, Aka, khuli Chana, Cassidy, Wale, Swizz Beats, J Cole and of cos Kendrick Lamar.

SE-do you guys have any present engagements and works other than music?
Decyplez-Yes Ooh ! We are students and also hustle round just to get that paper. Money must be made, you know now.

SE-what made you guy first realize you wanted to pursue a career in music as a hip hop group?
Decyplez-Apart from the fact that we will love rap,we realise it is what we want to do. We both asked ourselves if we really want this and we found out that it is what we want. We don start pursue am now and we go catch up with am surely. (Laughter)

SE-Hip pop is much more than just joining words,what's your source of inspiration? How do you write?
Decyplez-We get inspired from the things we see around us, the books we read, movies me watch, we also get inspired by listening to people's view and idea on issues that involve everything about the world. We write according to our mood or base on the theme of a song we want to record.

SE-your last hit "NO BE PLAY" was massive,tell us about it;how did you guys put the song together?
Decyplez-Massive ? Hahahahaha Tell us weytin we no know but seriously, that song came out of just joking around in the studio, No Be Play was not the song we want to record the day we recorded it. It was another song we wanted to record but the producer (likitre) just played the beat out and we fell inlove with it, we play with it for a while and we came up with our verses and the chorus there in the studio. The result of that playful act was No Be Play just like that.

SE-aha i have been waiting for ages to ask you guys this question,are you in any relationship?
Decyplez-Yes !! We're in love with rap. We're having a Threesome. We are both single like the next song we're about to drop. Hahahahaha !

SE-how often do you guys battle each other?
Decyplez-everytime & all the time.

Ques-any last words & tell us how to keep in touch.
Decyplez-Yes Ooh... Expect the best of music from our stables and most especially the best of rap music. To all those who believed in us and also believed in what we are doing, we promise not to let you down and to the haters,keep up with it,it will help us get famous. You can get through to us on twitter @thecyplezusb @normcipha and @6ixsept69 you can also call 08033832675 or 07063829113. Thanks for hanging out with us. God bless you and bless our hustle too. Amen.

Download "straight to the top"

Download "no be play