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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Exclusive interview with KAYY SWAGGZ(@kayy_swaggz)

Seep entertainment's Sunday Elisha(SE) recently had a chat with the Gun Beatz Nation's ceo "kayy swaggz",he gave us an insight on his journey around the music world.

SE-Can we meet you sir?
Kayy swaggz-My name is kevin Adole,and am from benue state and reside in kaduna and abuja...

SE-So the name kayy swaggz! How did you come about it?
Kayy swaggz-Well ah got the name after listening to a song by jesse jagz titled "jesse swag",so ah just re-arranged the whole thing asper kayy(kevin) and swaggz,put it together and it gave the name "kayyswaggz"

SE-Wow! So why music?
Kayy swaggz-Well in one word I'll say music is fine nd music has been helping out.

SE-Which artiste are you feeling the most in 9ja and why?
Kayy swaggz-D'banj (Ejanla),the big fish...he is ma mentor oooo,looking up to that niqqa,love his way of style nd music.

SE-D'banj is very good,you as the ceo of GBN,how many artiste have u signed & who among them are u proud of?
Kayy swaggz-Well GBN(gunbeatx nation) formally GBR(gunbeatx records),was started by Me and monster beat maker DHIZZIBEAT(rowland isah @iamdhizzibeatz ),and its made up of artiste like Metro_nome,Benel_C,Chocotifa,yung_twit_ch,dolly_dot_benson,MzzElla,Switch nd El_wispy.......Well we all proud of ourselves cuz we all hav reached a certain height in the industry.

SE-As a child growing up;would u say your ambition was to be a musician?
Kayy swaggz-Nah...ah was a dance freak,ah hav dance wif soo many groups soul purity,ywap,uniq souls nd others..music started for me wen ah was in ss1(ecwa christain academy) nd it has taken over me till date.

SE-lolz! So you switch?Were ur parents in full support of ur musical career?
Kayy swaggz-A kind of,Omo they never knew sef till 2013,wen ma grand ma saw my posters around nd called to tell my mum,at first they didn't lyk the idea buh now ah av their blessings

SE-Who are ur major influences?
Kayy swaggz-Well my major influences growing up were the lyks ov Micheal jackson,D'banj,lil wayne,2pac,M.I,jesse jagz....Now ah gat more pple lyk C.s.bitz,illzeek,stevjazz,kevinwords,kezzy,dhizzi,metro_nome,G6ix,two-love,chocotifa,d.I.a,dreamzy.eskillz,kirrah omo if ah dnt stop ehn....ill call up to 1000 pple....

SE-have u been norminated 4 any award b4?
Kayy swaggz-Well ah av not been norminated for any awards "YET" buh surely dahts gonna happen soon.

SE-The road to success is not easy,tell us about the challenges u faced.
Kayy swaggz-Well ah had lots of challenges starting lyk studio to record,money for sessions,getting shows to perform,building audience buh tanks to MadeinKrockcity they elevated me to whre I am today.

SE-Which of ur songs will u say elevated you?
Kayy swaggz-Haba its the hit song titled "SUNMO MI"(jam ov the world) ft metro_nome (prod.par dhizzi)

SE-This may sound a bit strange but which of ur songs do u love most?
Kayy swaggz-Hmmmm.....dahts a hard question oooo,ah luv all my songs,Ma best is a freestyle called "My Moment"

SE-who's ur celebrity crush ?
Kayy swaggz-Mehn my celebrity crush...omo am dying for Ariana Grande ooo

SE-ur zodiac sign?
Kayy swaggz-scorpio

SE-what are ur plans in the nearest future?
Kayy swaggz-Well ma plans for the nearest future is to drop more songz nd videoz airing on every channel in nigeria and try hard in making my name a name written in gold...

SE-A word of advice to ur fans
Kayy swaggz-Stay safe,wah doesn't kill yhu makes yhu stronger....

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